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Well I wrote a favorito! prince articulo so I decided to write a most handsome articulo too, hope you'll enjoy it :)

10. Beast (human form only)

It's hard to rank an animal so I'll only base my ranking on his human form. I seriously think he should remain beast, I hate his human form, his hair is too similar to Belle's and his smile is a bit weird to me, but his eyes are beautiful. His hair is actually even más awful when it's in a ponytail, the loose hair is acceptable, but in a ponytail it looks so awful to be honest!

9. Shang

I don't get why people finds him handsome, his hair is very weird and he has weird eyes, but he's higher than Beast because he has shorter hair. His body is sexy, but it doesn't make him handsome to be honest, but it makes him hot though.

8. Aladdin

He's quite handsome, but his hair looks unfresh which is understandable since he doesn't really live a luxury life, but still. He has nice eyes and a nice smile though. When he's Prince Ali I think he's a bit más handsome, but he does have some nice shots like this one.

7. John Smith

Again I don't get the hair, it's too long, but he has nice eyes and smile, but he's still quite handsome, just not as much as the 6 above to be honest.

6. Flynn

He's very handsome, but he can't beat my parte superior, arriba 5. His hair is nice and he has a nice smile, but I don't like the eyes that much actually, but they're okay I guess!

5. Naveen

I can understand why the girls amor him, he's so handsome, I amor his hair, his eyes and well everything so why isn't he any higher? Well I just find the other 4 to be más handsome.

4. Eric

I'm going to mention this now so that tu know it, but I'm going to be honest, I've always been the one that has always founded the three first princes to be the most handsome, I don't know why though, I guess it's because they don't have long hair which I appreciate since I'm not keen on long haired guys, but that's just me. Anyway do I really need to explain here? He's so handsome, his hair is nice, he has beautiful eyes and his smile is very beautiful, but as I dicho before I have a thing for the classic princes so that's why he isn't any higher.

3. Charming

I have no problem with that he looks like a Ken doll because I don't think he looks like one. His hair is a perfect length, his smile is very sweet and his eyes are nice though they've could've done a little más with them, but hola it's one of their first princes so I can't hate that too much.

2. Prince

I don't care if he wears lipstick, I still think he's very handsome. I amor his smile, his eyes are lovely and his hair is good. I know that they failed with making him look good, but for failing I don't think it's that bad so that's why he isn't my number 1.

1. Phillip

He's the most handsome disney male and one of the most handsome animated males, his hair is gorgeous, his eyes are beautiful and his smile is stunning.
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Zyra Banez Fashion Illustration
bella durmiente
briar rose
fashion illustration
por far the best I've seen
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frozen-fiebre congelada
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Ursula makes a new deal with Triton and becomes queen :P
la sirenita
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sir grimsby
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Aurora and her mother arrived at the hospital.

They walked in only to be alarmed.

"Please, evacuate the premises." Somebody told Aurora and her mother.

"My daughter needs help!" Aurora's mother yelled.

"We would amor to help your daughter, but we're having a serious situation here."

"What kind of situation?"

"That is secret information. I'm sorry, but I can't tell you."

"Then at least let us in."

"It's not safe!"

"How is it not?"

"Because of our secret situation."

"This is the only hospital in town, we can't go anywhere else, and my daughter needs help."

"From the looks of her face, she's been scratched...
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posted by sweetie-94
 Today I'll focus on why I amor Rapunzel
Today I'll focus on why I love Rapunzel
Today it's 3 days until my birthday and today I'll focus on my 3rd favorito! DP Rapunzel and why I amor her
Previous artículos in the series:

Even though Rapunzel isn't my favorito! DP I still amor her so much

I amor how creative she is, when she's alone in the tower she has so many activities to do like painting, baking etc.

I amor how unsure she is before leaving the tower, I can relate to that as I also have a hard time sometimes doing things that are hard o challenging o something brave, but in the end I usually end up doing them and I feel happy about...
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posted by Meanfish22
hola guys ! Its Alyan . I am new on fanpop so I wrote this articulo to describe me . Well I am a fun-loving and bubbly person and I dislike serious o short tempered people . So , beside disney , I like Mean Girls , Pretty Little Liars , etc . My hobbies are sleeping , hehe . My birthday is ............... not your buisnes ! Sorry , just kidding . So let's begin my favoritos :

Color = Periwinkle

comida = pizza

flor = Orchid

Actress = Angelina Jolie

Actor = Johnny Depp

Singer ( Male ) = Harry Styles

Singer ( Female ) = Taylor rápido, swift

Now , the parte superior, arriba tens !!

Princesses :

13 : Aurora

12 : Snow White

11 : Belle

10 : Ariel

9 : Pocahontas

8 : cenicienta

7 : Tiana

6 : Merida

5 : Jasmine

4 : mulan

Now parte superior, arriba three :


No 3 = Anna

No 2 = Elsa

No 1 = Rapunzel
posted by avatar_tla_fan
Alright, here's my second, and final, part.

Keep in mind that this is my opinion, so respect mine and I'll respect yours. Enjoy the article!

Reindeers Are Better Than People
First, I would like to say that I don't even understand why this song is even in the movie, it could just be filler, but it's the shortest song in the movie, and it doesn't really serve a purpose, in my opinion.

Anyways, I'm kind of neutral about this song. I don't really care for it, but at the same time, I don't really like it either. I think it's far from the best song in the movie, but I think there are worse songs...
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