1.Congratulations on winning! How do tu feel?
I feel a little proud, because I really can see the reasons people would chose me, and at the same time, I feel recompensed, mainly about my articles, that sometimes are very difficult to write because I'm brazilian.

2.Who is your favorito! disney princess? Why? Has she always been your favorite?
Ariel. I amor how free-spirited, self-confident, sweet and determinated she is. I amor that she is a mermaid and I think she's one of the most realistic heroines. Actually, she hasn't always been my favorite, that used to be Aurora since I was like 4-5 years old, but as soon as I got to watch The Little Mermaid, Ariel became my favorite.

3.Name your favorite:

Princess movie?
The Little Mermaid, it has an amazing score, lovely characters and an often-neglected excellent screenplay. Not saying this because it's my favorite, but TLM's screenplay is much más cohesive and lean than Beauty and the Beast's and Aladdin's.

Princess couple?
Ariel & Eric. People often don't notice that Eric fell in amor with Ariel and decided to stay with her even knowing that she isn't able to speak (although Vanessa/Ursula stopped him from doing that).

Flynn. He is the one that changes the most in behalf of his princess and even becomes selfless after her.

Princess song?
Part of your World. It bothers me so much that Disney's best song wasn't nominated in the Oscars.

Sebastian. It's the only sidekick that often represses its princess actions (and in the case of Ariel, such character was needed) and he's extremely helpful and funny. charlotte would be my siguiente choice - She dreamed of her prince her whole life and still gave up on him because of Tiana, proving in the end of the movie that she isn't just a little brat.

Lady Tremaine. She's so damn classy and calm while actuación evil to Cinderella. She always creeps me when she manages to make the stepsisters destroy Cindy's dress without saying más than 10 words.

4.Which princess do tu think has the...

Prettiest face?
Ariel. I amor how big her forehead is (I personally think that's very beautiful with her bangs), and her eyes make her very expressive.

Best hair?
Ariel when she's under the water. My siguiente choices would be Rapunzel (long and loose) and Aurora (I amor her curls).

Best eyes?
Ariel. They are very expressive.

Best canto voice?
Ariel. Jodi Benson always gives me chills. I also amor Mandy Moore, Anika Noni Rose and Paige O'hara.

Best figure?
Pocahontas. It's so realistic. I think that her, mulan and Tiana are the only princesses to have realistic figures.

5.Who is your least favorito! princess? Why? Has she always been your least favorite?
Jasmine. I don't like her bitchy attitude towards people and she's so damn spoiled. And she's not very smart (and it doesn't help that her prince is smarter than her). She has always been among my bottom 3, but I recently decided she's my least favorite.

6.Which princess do tu relate to the most, and why?
Tiana. tu people are seeing me so active in the spot, creating picks and escritura articles, because I'm on holidays (in Brazil, we are free from school in july, december and january), but now that the classes have started, I probably won't be as active as I've been in the past months, because in Brazil, to enter college, there are very few vacancy and we have to study very hard - Specially in my case (I want to be a doctor - And this is my last año at school!). So I really identify to Tiana's hard work to get her restaurant, because I work very hard to reach my dream. I amor listening "Almost There" while I'm walking from the biblioteca to school, o from my school to my Biology/Chemistry intensive courses.

7.You prefer...

Ball gowns o peasant dresses?
Overall, ball gowns. But there are good peasant dresses (Aurora's) and bad ball gowns (Ariel's).

Hair up o hair down?
Hair down, though it doesn't bother me that Tiana has her hair up - I think that just represents how disciplined she is.

Singing o dancing?
Singing, because I can at least try that! I never really danced in my life and we don't see princesses dancing very often, really.

Renaissance princesses o classic princesses?
I'll skip this. I don't think that the period a princess has been introduced is really important. My parte superior, arriba 5 princesses includes renaissance princesses (Ariel and Mulan), new princesses (Tiana and Rapunzel) and a classic princess (Cinderella).

8.When did tu fall in amor with the princesses, and was there ever a time when tu stopped loving them for a while? If so, what brought tu back?
Since I know myself as a living creature. I think that most of tu know that I'm a BOY (yes, please, LIVE WITH THAT! XD ) and that often caused me problems because I wanted to use Ariel's copybooks and stuff, so when I was young my parents gave me tons of money to convice me of changing my mind. I never really stopped loving them, but I went through a "transition" time, from a period that I only watched and enjoyed the cine (until I was 12) and a period when I researched, learned and started to amor them even más (13 years old and foward).

9.Does it bother tu that 3D princesses are now being added to the line-up? If so, why?
Not really. I loved Rapunzel and I think that the CGI/3D really suited her movie. But of course I hope that disney doesn't give up on hand-drawn movies.

10.Which princess who's parents we see do tu think has the best parents? Which princess has the worst?
(I'm not considering step parents)
Best Parents -> Tiana. Her father taught her to never give up on her dreams, and her mother was certainly very supportive to her after her father's death.

Worst Parents -> Aurora. Sending their only child to the woods and not seeing her until she was 16 was really the only idea they had to protect her?

11.Did tu ever have a crush on a disney princess? If so, which one?
Not really. Though I would easily marry most of them in the real life.

12.If tu were dado a chance to live one princesses life for a day, who's life would tu choose, & why?
Ariel. I think that in this spot, 10 in 10 fans would enjoy a día as a merman/mermaid.

13.Is there a princess tu think is overrated? A princess tu think is underrated?

Overrated --> Belle. I amor her, her movie is one of my all-time favoritos and she's my 6th favorito! princess, but I don't think that she's not as original and smart as people often refer to her.

Underrated --> Tiana, though I can see the reasons of she being disliked por most of you.

14.If tu could add one disney heroine into the lineup, who would tu add, and why?
I think that Giselle deserves it the most. While she's not my favorito! non-DP girl (that would be Meg), I think that her movie was a wonderful tribut to all DP movies.

15.What fairy-tale do tu want disney to turn into a movie next?
I think that the Princess and the guisante would be a nice choice, but of course they would have to work hard with the screenplay.

16.Last of all, is there any user on the disney Princess spot whom tu admire?
Yes! Though I admire and relate to most of tu people, I think that the answer would be Swanpride. She is very intelligent, has always excellent points and knows a lot about fairy tales. I would really enjoy to spend an afternoon discussing things with her.