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Idea for a count down

I’m thinking about doing a count down of the best alternative forms of characters from disney Princess Movies. It basically means any form that isn’t a natural form, even if they spent most of the movie like that. What do tu think of that?

So far I’ve got:
1. Evil queen as the the Hag
2. Maleficent as the Dragon
3. Flora/Fauna/Merriweather as Peasant women
4. Ursula as Vanessa
5. Ursula as a Giant
6. Ariel as a Human
7. Beast as the Beast
8. Jafar as a Snake
9. Jafar as a Genie
10. Tiana/Naveen as a Frogs
11. Lawrence as Naveen

Please let me know what tu think. If tu can think of any others o any should be removed.
 cruella posted hace 15 días
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BB2010 said:
Would mulan as Ping count?

And Elinor, Mor’Du and the triplets as bears
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posted hace 15 días 
Sparklefairy375 said:
I'll add some:

Cinderella's animal friends transformation
The servant from BATB as furniture and stuffs
Abu as an elephant
Elinor as a bear
Mordu as a bear
Merida's triplet brothers as bears
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posted hace 15 días 
sunnyfields said:
Would Anna as an ice sculpture o
Mother Gothel as the old lady count since they are alternative forms of the character?
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posted hace 15 días 
Anna isn't an official DP fyi
Sparklefairy375 posted hace 15 días
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