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Which disney princess am I personality wise?

This pregunta has been on my mind a lot. I am very creative and artistic. I’m very sweet but if someone underestimates me trust me it wont be pretty. Overall,I’m very kind and compassionate, determined, a little bit stubborn, fun, honest, a mixture between childish and mature(mostly childish), and i can be sassy when i want to. I also am sarcastic and funny. I amor to hang out outside, go swimming,draw,cook, día dream, explore, and obviously the natural teenage life necessities(eat, sleep, Netflix, surf on my phone). I also amor Japanese comida and chocolate. Lastly my favorito! seasons are summer and winter(because of swimming and skiing).Thank you. I have been researching this pregunta for a while so..yeah. Laters!

 pangirl16 posted hace 3 meses
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Sparklefairy375 said:
Maybe Rapunzel with a bit of Snow White traits?
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posted hace 3 meses 
Thanks for the response sometimes i feel awkward when i try to ask people this pregunta
pangirl16 posted hace 3 meses
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