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Which princess is each dwarf most like (or vice versa)?

In honor of the last día of Snow White month, I thought I'd do this little activity. I was gonna make encuestas for this but I'm too tired to make seven separate polls, so this will have to do.

Sleepy - Aurora (yes for the obvious reason that they both slept. I know, lame, but that's the best I could think of.

Doc - Cinderella, in the sense that they're both the "leader" of the group. o Pocahontas in terms of actual personality.

Grumpy - Merida.

Dopey - Snow White, weirdly enough. o Rapunzel.

Happy - Still Snow White probably.

Sneezy - mulan because sometimes she's clumsy.

Bashful - Ariel? Cause of the way Ariel is romantic about Eric and Bashful is a gooey romantic.
 disnerdtobe posted hace 11 meses
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MissCinico said:
Belle - Doc
Merida - Grumpy
Rapunzel - Happy
Sleepy - Aurora
Snow White - Dopey (she just seems very care free whilst trying to do her best)
cenicienta - Sneezy (I don't know why maybe because she is always sweeps? I don't think any of the princesses are really like Sneezy)
Pocahontas - She's really shy around the settlers and soft spoken except for when she needs to be, maybe Aurora, cenicienta o mulan could be a better match though.
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posted hace 11 meses 
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