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 esmeralda and alice kiss
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This disney crossover foto might contain animado, cómic, manga, historieta, anime, and dibujos animados.

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-When tu started to do crossovers?
-About a año ago. I found fanpop por chance and soon after that I discovered disney crossovers.

-At first look what did tu thought about disney crossovers?
-I loved the idea right away. I had never even heard of it when I until I came to this site. I just amor the idea of crossing two different characters together. I just gave a new meaning to my amor of disney.

-Which pairing of friends/relationship do tu fell in amor at first?
I think it was actually Hercules and Aladdin. When I first found disney...
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Ariel stared at the scene before her. First it had been fire, raining down from the sky like lightening and burning houses here, fields there, and people and animales all over Egypt. Then it had been locusts, which wouldn’t have been too bad, except that they were suddenly everywhere, even crawling into bathtubs and into people’s food, spreading disease everywhere. Then the Nile waters had turned into blood and no one had any clean water to drink. Plague and pestilence was everywhere, and each segundo she had to watch the people of Egypt staggering under festering boils and oozing sores and...
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 “You’ve really not changed a bit, have you, Belle?”
“You’ve really not changed a bit, have you, Belle?”
“So, just how did tu end up in Frollo’s care?” Clopin asked, presently. “I mean, why did he take tu in?”

“He was a friend of my Papa’s,” Belle replied. “He’s alright as a guardian. He’s just so... cold and distant sometimes. And he hates gypsies. I don’t know why.”

Clopin shrugged, wisely. “Some people are just afraid of what they don’t understand.”

“Esme dicho that earlier,” Belle sighed. “It’s horrible. Just because tu don’t understand something it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. I can’t believe those men rubbed horse dung into Pocahontas’s hair.”...
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