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 Rapunzel & Ariel
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" two princesses tu think are best friends," - Petite Tiaras
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Part of a MEP ^^; I tried. x3
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 "Come on o we’ll get caught in a blizzard.”
"Come on or we’ll get caught in a blizzard.”
Rapunzel was nervous. She was about to tell her mother the biggest lie she had ever had to tell in her entire life. Such a thing wasn’t easy, especially with a strict mother like hers, who could usually see through a lie in a second. Rapunzel prayed that Elsa was as good a liar as she claimed to be.

Glancing outside at the snow, Rapunzel sighed. Why did winter have to be so cold? Elsa always claimed that the cold never really bother her, but it bothered Rapunzel, who was so fond of going about barefoot in a thin cotton dress throughout the rest of the year, when it was hot and dry. But in...
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