disney crossover ✨5 In 1 Crossover icono Contest (2)✨ Round 4: Deadline July 19th

kristenfan10109 posted on May 20, 2016 at 08:40PM
Hello everybody! This contest was originally started by the user LightningRed I remember how much users liked and enjoyed this contest so much that I thought I'd start it back up.

The rules are simple:
1. The icons must be made by yourself. No cheating. Cheating means pick your own icon and ask other fans to pick your icon.
Anyone who picks his/her own icon cannot win the theme except if that icon gets more than 50% votes not counting her pick.
2. The icons must be squared. 100 x 100 pixels to 300 x 300 pixels are the acceptable sizes.
3. You may use your old icons or old crossovers made into icons, as long as you made those icons yourself.
4. You may sign up for 2 or 3 characters. You may not sign up for a character already used by another contestant for the same round. For example, if a contestant has signed up for Aladdin, you may not sign up for Aladdin again in that round. But you may use Aladdin for the next round.
5. You may not use the character you have used in the previous round. For example, I already use Belle and Phoebus for Round 1. I cannot use either Belle or Phoebus for Round 2. But I can use them (or either of them) for Round 3.
6. You cannot use a set of characters already used by another contestant in the previous round. For example, if I have used Belle and Phoebus for Round 1, no contestants can use them as a couple for Round 2. But you may use either of them for Round 2 (such as Belle/John Rolfe or Phoebus/Aurora).
7. If you have ideas for the theme, you may post it here, write in my wall, or message me.
8. If there is a tie, comments will be considered if there is no comment about the tied icons, then I will make a tie-breaker.

Each round will open for a week. Then I will post the pick in the polls section. Each participants will get 1 participation prop. Each theme winner will get 1 prop. The overall winner (if there is one) will receive additional 3 props.

Pairings that can be used are: Couple, Slash (two males), Femslash (two females), Friendship, Siblings, Live/Animation (such as Jasmine & Rick O' Connell) & Animal.

Round 5: Themes deadline: July 19th

1. July (your own opinion)
2.Freedom (your own opinion)
3.Liberty (your own opinion)
4.Independence (your own opinion)

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