disney crossover Can tu registrarse my roleplay?

dewy60 posted on Aug 04, 2014 at 09:30PM
Hey People, Did you want to join my Play-by-post Roleplay? link
Poll: link
"The Wrongful Self, A Disney/Non-disney Roleplay that takes the drama and comedy of the roleplay.

The story goes that Kayley (From Quest for Camelot) accendently found a mirror that legend says it was magic.

The magical mirror turns people into anthropomorphic animals.

So she touched and, without warning, looked the mirror, and she turned into a anthropomorphic blue macaw (Like the main 2 characters from rio) and flys away from her world to seek the cure.

meanwhille the villians plan to their dastertry deeds to trick the heroes and kidnap them to marry or kill them.

Will any heroes find friendship to others? will Kayley find a cure? or they will fall to the hands of the villians?

Make many storylines if you please!"

To join: go to link if you are not a member of Ongoing Worlds, click on "Login" then click on "Regester Now" buttion on the bottom of the login screen.
Then if you are regestered, click on "Join This Game", Then put a character's name, gender, age from a disney or non-disney film you want to play, then put character's gender and age, sides, and your character's race as Human or Anthropomorphic (Animal or Thing) and Physical Appearance depending the character from a disney or non-disney film of your choice. Some parts to add is optional, then describe the charater from a disney or non-disney film of your choice.
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