disney crossover **Disney Crossover Contest** Round 59 - On A Desert Background

sweetie-94 posted on Jun 02, 2012 at 07:12PM
I decided to start up a crossover contest, hope you'll enjoy it!
-Anyone can join aslong as you make the crossover yourself!
-The size doesn't matter aslong as we can see what's going on in the picture!
-You can use old works if you want to!
-I will choose themes for each round!
-Each round lasts for 7 days, after that there will be a poll, I won't give the winner a special prize, but I'll write up the winner!
-And don't forget to have fun :)

Round 1 winner: EmberLee
Round 2 winner: CaterdayGirl
Round 3 winner: bugbyte98
Round 4 winner: OdetteEsmeralda
Round 5 winner: starlight77
Round 6 winner: OdetteEsmeralda
Round 7 winner: LightningRed
Round 8 winner: sumerjoy11
Round 9 winner: Jessikaroo
Round 10 winner: sumerjoy11
Round 11 winner: OdetteEsmeralda
Round 12 winner: sumerjoy11
Round 13 winner: OdetteEsmeralda
Round 14 winner: sumerjoy11
Round 15 winner: MegaraRider
Round 16 winner: OdetteEsmeralda
Round 17 winner: mergirl13
Round 18 winner: OdetteEsmeralda
Round 19 winner: OdetteEsmeralda
Round 20 winner: auroraxaurelia
Round 21 winner: auroraxaurelia
Round 22 winner: sumerjoy11
Round 23 winner: Angeelous
Round 24 winner: MegaraRider
Round 25 winner: sweetie-94
Round 26 winner: OdetteEsmeralda
Round 27 winner: auroraxaurelia
Round 28 winner: bugbyte98
Round 29 winner: LightningRed
Round 30 winner: DIAMELA
Round 31 winner: OdetteEsmeralda
Round 32 winner: MegaraRider
Round 33 winner: PrincessBelle2
Round 34 winner: Angeelous
Round 35 winner: OdetteEsmeralda
Round 36 winner: MegaraRider
Round 37 winner: OdetteEsmeralda
Round 38 winner: CaterdayGirl
Round 39 winner: MegaraRider
Round 40 winner: MegaraRider
Round 41 winner: MegaraRider
Round 42 winner: sumerjoy11
Round 43 winner: jainabieber7
Round 44 winner: sumerjoy11
Round 45 winner: Angeelous
Round 46 winner: MegaraRider
Round 47 winner: CaterdayGirl
Round 48 winner: PrincessBelle2
Round 49 winner: jezquest
Round 50 winner: CaterdayGirl
Round 51 winner: sumerjoy11
Round 52 winner: RoxStar09
Round 53 winner: RoxStar09
Round 54 winner: MegaraRider
Round 55 winner: Angeelous
Round 56 winner: Everyone since it's a special round
Round 57 winner: MegaraRider
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