My OTPS and the Reasons Why:

I think compared to everyone else, my OTP shippings are quite unusual. Two of them I kind of stumbled across por accident and one I made up entirely por myself, but here are the reasons for them being my OTPs, why I think that in some alternate universe where movie characters crossover and actually meet each other, that I like them together:

1)    Ramses and Ariel:

As far as I know, it’s not that unusual to pair a cartoon villain with a heroine from another movie, but hardly anyone really uses Ramses from The Prince of Egypt that much. I got the idea of shipping him with Ariel after watching a video where he was shipped with her mother Athena and the person who made the video (can’t remember who now, sorry!) used that shot of Ariel coming out of the water towards the end of The Little Mermaid to signify Athena coming back to Ramses.

At the time, I thought it was actually supposed to be Ariel, and couldn’t help thinking it was a nice twist: Ramses wanted Athena and then turned around and fell for her daughter instead. But then más I thought about it, the más I grew to like the idea of them together.

It needs to be dicho that Ariel’s never really been my favourite character – she’s not really a very strong heroine, she’s quite naive, falling in amor with a human at first sight and trading everything to be with him based on the belief that somehow he loves her too, trading her voice to the Sea Witch, who’s quite clearly a villain, in order to be with her human, and not figuring out some kind of way to get Eric to realise who she is, even though she can’t talk (she could try escritura o drawing o something, couldn’t she?) but somehow I feel that her personality works with Ramses.

Towards the end of Prince of Egypt, Ramses suddenly goes from being Moses’s childhood friend to a rather dark character; but I feel that if he had someone with Ariel’s sweet nature and patience por his side, he could still have a good heart. They’re both young when we first meet them in their respective films, both quite playful and often have to compete with their siblings; and also both of them row with their respective Fathers in their films.

In short, they’ve got quite a bit in common and I think they work well together.

2)    Lestat and Tiana:

This is a pairing I came up with por myself when I remembered that Lestat visits New Orleans in Interview with a Vampire and Tiana is actually from there. I use Stuart Townsend’s Lestat in this shipping just because I find his vampire-side darker than Tom Cruise’s.

Once again it’s a villain/heroine pairing, but this time it’s sort of your typical vampire/human romance with a lot of danger thrown in. I think that after searching for amor so long and being let down por so many people before, Lestat might find someone like Tiana quite intriguing.

Tiana’s one of my favourite disney Princesses because she’s so feisty, and I think that even a run-in with a vampire wouldn’t leave her scared for very long. And I think Lestat needs someone to amor since he hasn’t had the easiest upbringing, really, when tu think about it, especially considering that he was barely into adulthood when he got turned into a vampire.

In my mind, Tiana’s the human he doesn’t want to feed on o make like him because he wants to protect her from being a monster like himself, but Tiana in her stubborn way will do anything it takes to be with him forever.

To my mind, a perfect shipping.

3)    Loki and Georgiana

Perhaps my most unusual pairing, dado that one character actually existed and the other is based on a character from Norse mythology, but it all started when I stumbled onto a video por my now good friend LoveandHeartbreak on YouTube (the video in pregunta about these two is called Young and Beautiful) in which she was experimenting with giving Loki a girl, since he doesn’t actually get one in the Thor universe unlike his brother (yet, anyway, but here’s hoping!) She used clips from The Duchess spliced with clips from Thor and Thor: The Dark World, as well as a film called Pretty Baby (to portray a younger Georgiana) to make a story which I absolutely fell in amor with, and late she did a few más too, also on YT which got me completely hooked on the pairing.

I’m a Loki-fan anyway, but the notion of him having a girl in his life to want to protect somehow makes him even más appealing. And when tu watch the Duchess and learn what kind of man Georgiana Cavendish was actually married to, suddenly Loki seems a better choice for her all round anyway. Whether o not he’d actually fall in amor with her is debatable, but he’d definitely be protective of her, I think, because he can get a bit possessive of things that belong to him, and I think if someone ever messed with her, he’d get pretty angry with them.

I think too that Georgiana would be quite devoted to him, and even if he did become evil ala the films, she’d still stand por him, and that’s what he needs, really, someone on his side.

So that’s why I ship these two.

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