Main título "The Gypsy Of Egypt"
This is a readtold Of The Prince Of Egypt

Esmeralda Mother Is A Friend of Yocheved is a Hebrew slave and the two mother knew someday Moses And Esmeralda will be marry but everything have change. One día Hebrew bebés are taken and slaughtered por Egyptian soldiers, as ordered por Seti I Yocheved sing a river lullaby to her child and place him in the basket and sent him down the river. Esmeralda And Her Mother have flee to Jerusalem and Esmeralda is saft. The basket came across the queen " Come Ramses We Will mostrar Pharaoh Your New Baby Brother, Moses".

Moses And Ramses are good brother and Moses saw his childhood friend Esmeralda.

At night Moses meet Esmeralda at the house of Miriam and her brother Aaron and the brother and sister of Moses. " So everything I am, is a lie." dicho Moses and flee from Egypt but Esmeralda can't let him go alone the truth in her corazón have always pray to Moses and in amor with him.

This is the story is about two friends have Courage, The Power Of Faith and Romance.

(The Truth Gave Him The Courage To Do The Impossible) And
(There Can Be Miracle When tu Believe).


Val Kilmer As Moses

Demi Moore As Esmeralda

Ralph Fiennes As Ramses

Lucy Liu As Princess Mei


Danny Glover As Jethro
Sandra Bullock As Mirian
Jeff Goldblum As Aaron
Patrick Stewart As Pharaoh Seti

"There Can Be Miricle When tu Believe"