Along the ways she pulled back curtains and opened windows.
It was just before dawn when when cenicienta woke. With a stretch and a yawn she was out of cama and dressed before her covers were cold. She headed quietly to the kitchen. Along the way she pulled back curtains and opened windows. The sun was rising and a warm naranja haze was on the horizon. cenicienta closed her eyes and breathed deep.

"Ah. What a beautiful día its going to be."

She continued on her way to the kitchen. As she made her way she saw some of the house hold waking up. Sleep still clinging to their eyes they gave some head bobs and waves as she passed. As she went went down the halls opening the curtains she couldn't help but think of the time gone by.

It had been almost four years since she arrived at the castle. Each día she woke up happier than she had been at inicial with her step-mother and step-sisters. She had quickly fallen into a daily routine. Each morning she would get up and help Chef Bouche prepare breakfast. Then she would help Mrs. Potts get the staff in order, while Cogsworth supervised. Then while the staff set about to do their chores and duties, she would make Beast his tray and take it to him. Usually at this hora he was still fast asleep, so she would leave it in his room. Then she would have her breakfast. The rest of the morning would consist of helping the servants clean o repair parts of the castle. On particularly nice days she would work in the gardens. She would always return in time enough to help Chef Bouche make lunch. She would take Beast tray to his room, where he would be expecting her. He would greet her gruffly not saying much but a grunt o a growl. Some days were worse than others, as he often roamed the grounds and castillo at night. Not returning till nearly dawn. On such occasions she would smile and take his extra gruffness in stride. She knew she had nothing to do with his moods and his restless wanderings. Even though he wouldn't admit it, she knew he liked it when she brought him his tray and even más when she wasn't intimidated por him.

After delivering his tray she would have her lunch in the kitchen. The afternoons she spent on her own. She'd choose a book from the biblioteca and read it in the garden o some-other spot. Sometimes she helped the servants in their work.

But most afternoons were spent exploring the hidden parts of the castle, of which there were numerous and held many things to be discovered. Often when she was exploring she had seen Beast spying on her and several times had caught a glimpse of his retreating form. He didn't always hide o retreat though. Sometimes he was in a room o part of the castillo cenicienta decided to explore. When this happened she would quietly explore. Never seeming to disturb him. These were the moments she really cherished. He was different then. He shared secrets with her and told her the history behind many of the objects. It was almost like he forgot to be gruff and mean.

"Cinderella! Cinder... Cinder... Cinderella!" Puffed Cogsworth as he came around the corner. She had just finished opening the last heavy curtain. She waited for Cogsworth to catch his breath.

"Fhew. Have tu been to see Chef Bouche yet?" He asked in a rush.

"Good morning Cogsworth."

"Oh, yes. Good morning. Well have you?" Asked Cogsworth impatiently.

cenicienta shook her head. "No, I've just finished opening the curtains. I was headed there now."

"Oh dear. Oh my. Oh... Oh.." He wrung his hands and muttered.

"Cogsworth, whats the matter?" She asked.

"Follow me I will tell tu on the way." He motioned to cenicienta to follow as he hopped down the hall. "It's a disaster. Chaos! If the master finds out. Oh!"

"Cogsworth, WHAT is the matter?" She asked keeping pace with him.

"The pantry is low, very low. I don't know why I didn't realize before this. Chef Bouche is yelling about not having enough to make the meals Master has requested."

"Hmmm..." was all cenicienta could say. Often Cogsworth made a mountain out of a topo hill. She suspected this time was no different. The rounded the corner to the cocina where she could hear Chef Bouche yelling.

"Not enough flour! Not enough sugar! No salt! How can I season a dish without SALT!"

"Chef Bouche.." Cogsworth tried to talk.

"No, no, no! This will not do. I can do nothing. I have none of the ingredients I need. No chocolate for the eclairs." Chef Bouche continued to yell.

"Chef Bouche.." Cogsworth tried again.

"How can I make chocolate eclairs without chocolate? The master wants chocolate eclairs." Chef Bouche slammed two pots for emphasis.

While Chef Bouche droned on and Cogsworth tried to get a word in edge wise, others started filing in the kitchen. Lumiere and Mrs. Potts shook their heads and murmured to themselves. cenicienta went to the pantry to take stock of what was there. She shook her head. There wasn't much left. Some flour, a few eggs, and some this and that.

"Excuse me, excuse me." cenicienta cleared her throat. "Excuse me!" Chef Bouche and Cogsworth both turned towards her.

"Its not so bad. Chef Bouch, I'm sure will your excellent skill and vast knowledge of cooking tu can certainly make up a breakfast and lunch from what we have." Chef Bouche opened his mouth to comentario but then puffed his chest out and nodded. She knew a little flattery would do. "I will go into town and get más supplies. Chef Bouche can tu have a lista ready for me in a little bit?" He nodded and started ordering his cocina staff about.

Cogsworth, Lumiere, and Mrs. Potts followed cenicienta out into the hall.

"Can tu think of anything else we will need while I'm in town?"

"I'll make tu a lista dear." dicho Mrs. Potts.

"You will be careful Cherie? Town can be dangerous." Lumiere dicho full of concern. "You've only been there a couple of times." chimed Cogsworth.

cenicienta smiled and nodded. Lumiere hopped over to Mrs. Potts and Cogsworth who were finishing the lista of materials needed.

cenicienta went back to her room and got her head scarf and put on thick walking shoes. Upon coming back downstairs. Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, and young Chip were waiting for her.

"Now be careful dear." dicho Mrs. Potts.

"Stay on the path Cherie, the woods are full of wolves." dicho Lumiere.

"Here are the list; one from Chef Bouche, and the other. Here is some money. Don't forget to be careful. Don't flash your money about and..."

cenicienta laughed. "Don't worry so much. I'll be right back will all that we need. Make sure tu keep him happy while I'm away."

"That would be a miracle." dicho Cogworth as
she turned to leave. Chip hopped forward.

"Psst... Cindy."

"Yes Chip?" She asked.

"You will come back right?"

She rubbed Chips nose. "Oh course I will. I'll be back in no time." Chip smiled and hopped over to Mrs. Potts reassured. With that she left the castillo for town. A small horse drawn wagon waited for her at the castillo gate and so they set off.
She had discovered many things.