Chapter 10: Attacked

Frollo had become unbearable he couldn't take it anymore he didn't need the gypsy girl he would deal with her later when word had spread that Belle had left the palace he silently waited having one of his guards inform him when she arrived.
Belle was so happy when she returned to the Palace of Justice as she entered into her room she quickly changed putting her dress in the wardrobe he went over to the cama and picked up the rose she climbed in and closed her eyes she was dancing with Phoebus again the look of amor in his eyes when there was a knock at her door "Oh Judge Frollo what are tu doing here?", "I was informed that tu had left and wanted to make sure that tu made it back safely", "Oh why thank you", "Did tu have a pleasant evening?", "Yes I did", he noticed a vestido in the wardrobe closet "Is this new? its awfully beautiful", "Yes Captain Phoebus gave it to me", "Why ever would he do that?", "Well he surprised me with a special evening tonight in Notre Dame he also gave me this rose to remind of this night he also dicho it reminded him of me", "I can see why a delicate flor such as yourself some men might even become bewitched", "What?", "Your beauty dear Belle it cast a spell on men such a intelligent witch as yourself would know that", she suddenly realized what was going on it frightened her "I AM NOT A WITCH!!", "You almost had me fooled dear girl until yesterday when that gypsy witch clouded my mind and twisted my thoughts thoughts I never realized were of tu all along" he pushed her back against the muro with all his strength running wrinkly bony fingers across her face his body pinned against hers Belle was terrified there was terror in his eyes as he looked down upon her she struggled to get free.
"As Judge it is my duty to protect the people from witches like tu and that gypsy witch más powerful together than tu can ever be apart but there is still time to repent choose me and I promise to leave your gypsy accomplice alone if not I really do fear for Captain Pheobus tu do care for the poor boy don't you? perhaps even amor him? "Huah ah", he laughed evilly "So tu do he's just another man tu put under your spell but there's still time to correct that little matter what is your answer my dear?" he released one of his hands running the edge of his nails up her leg lifting up her dress he was almost to her hipbone ready to strike into her "NEVER!" with one big blow she punched in the face grabbing her cape she ran as fast as she could "GUARDS SEIZE HER!".

Belle ran out into the streets the guards following her she had to take cover quickly hid in one of the allies behind a muro "We lost her keep searching she has to be here somewhere" Belle dropped to her knees and silently prayed "Oh please let someone find me" she sobbed suddenly she head a familiar voice "Belle" she looked up and saw Esmeralda kneeling beside her "Esmeralda", "Come we've got to get tu out of here". The two sneaked there way past the guards Esmeralda led her across the river into a cemetery she looked at Belle terror was still in her eyes "It's alright Belle your seguro now" holding her "Oh Esmeralda it was horrible Frollo he tried to", Esmeralda looked at her straight face concerned terrified at the idea "He didn't hurt tu did he? He didn't?", "I punched him before he could do anything but that doesn't matter he's going to do something to Pheobus if I didn't choose him Huah ah huah ah huah ah oh Pheobus Pheobus", "Don't worry we'll think of something".