Welcome to this announcement of the upcoming role-playing collaboration event.

This is the very 1st role-playing collaboration event here on FanPop!

As is this month, an all-new event is about to begin…
Staring at 3:00pm this will be becomes the very first collaboration that will make FanPop club members to join.

Long time ago, there was a wizard named Alexander Blackdragon, who was once lived in Camelot to learn the wonders of magic that will come with a price.
One darkening day, he was researching about dark magic spells, at this struck of an hour, something terrible has happened….
He has lost his mind, going crazy, going rouge! At this time of the hour, he turned into evil, as he went out of his lab, he made a full rampage.
One día a disaster is struck, he has wreaked havoc over time travel.
Yes, he has the power to go back and forth in time.
He was so powerful, his spells are out of control and banished to another place, a dark forest is a dark place far away from Camelot….
There, a lair made, and soon he will come to ruin the hero lives, forever.

tu better look out, stay away from the evil wizard, because there are
Shadows Of Time
The título of the event that will start today at 3:00pm

comentario if tu want to play a role of an disney character o a Non-Disney character.
tu can also comentario if tu want to host the first part of the event.