Chapter 2: Saved

Phillipe and I stopped of to the side of the road for lunch I sat in the césped, hierba and ate some pan de molde, pan and cheese I had bought from the town near por it wasn't much but it would hold me over until we got to Paris. While I was admiring the dandelions and made my wish I let Phillipe rest for quite awhile and have his fill of césped, hierba he was getting older but he's still a good horse the best companion he has been with us since I was there since a little girl always there when I needed someone to talk to and always up for a ride when I needed to clear my head he's the only friend I've ever had.
"Are tu ready to go Phillipe?" I asked he nodded "Are right then boy lets get going we still have a long way to go before we make it to Paris" the pair had been on the road for many hours Belle decided to take a short cut through the forest now in the dark of night and with it snowing they were lost and she was becoming scared it was full of unfamiliar sounds when she suddenly heard howling "Oh no wolves" she cried "Come on Phillipe we have to find our way out of here but which was do we go? Oh I wish Papa was here.

As she kept going deeper and deeper into the forest the howling continued every which way she turned lead her to a dead end all hope seemed lost when she spotted a large building that looked like a cathedral that she had read about in one of her libros "Oh Phillipe there's we'll be seguro soon we'll be... Huah ah!" She looked behind her a pack of angry, mangy, and hungry was behind them they must have been tracking them all night and had finally caught up to them tu could just see the complete terror in their eyes in for the kill and would eat anything as long as it kept them and the pack alive even an innocent girl and her horse.
Frightened for her life Belle had Phillipe go into a run as fast as he could but it was no use they were right along side them jumping up trying to sink their teeth in her horse steering him from side to side to try and make them run into the trees but that plan wasn't working they continued to run straight adelante, hacia adelante into the city gates.

The pack continued to follow her people slowly started to come out of their homes as Belle cried "Help please there are wolves" when she looked behind her the lobos were gone when she looked adelante, hacia adelante again there they were she was cornered at the steps of the cathedral she had seen from the woods frightened Phillipe kicked her of causing to fall the hard snowy calle but she wasn't hurt she shook the snow off of her and looked up at Phillipe he was trying to kick the lobos away from him as they surrounded him.
Belle quickly grabbed a stick and hit a lobo that was about to bite his neck she tried to grab him but the lobos were now all around them she couldn't worry about Phillipe now she had to protect them both. One was about to bite her leg she tried hitting it but it grabbed her stick biting and tossing now with nothing to defend herself with the lobos made their mover and pounced now with her on the ground they started mangling at her clothes. One was about to mangle at her face when suddenly a torch landed behind her the lobos started to mover away as another torch was thrown and an older man with gray hair and black clothing moved toward her with dagger in his hands one por one he started killing them off until they started to flee he threw one of the touches por Belle "Get out of here tu scoundrels!" He cried as he watched them run.

Once they were out of his sight he turned to the young women he had saved "Are tu alright my dear?" He asked offering her his hand as he pulled her to her feet "Yes I'm alright", "Good your not hurt are you?", "No I'm fine", "We'll then seeing that everything is alright now I'll be leaving tu now have a nice night Mademoiselle" he dicho as he mounted his horse and place on his black hat with a long red satin fabric he was about to ride away when she stopped him "Wait Monsieur" he turned back towards her "Please do tu know of a place where I could stay? I have no where to go", "I'm sorry I can't ... help you."
Frollo looked upon her she was the most beautiful women he had ever seen how could he possibly let this girl freeze out in the cold and he had been taking Gypsies in for years one más couldn't possibly hurt after all he was put on this earth to serve god he could just see the sadness in her eyes. "Why don't come a stay with me I live at the Palace of Justice I'm a local judge here in Paris", " Oh thank you", "Mount your horse I'll wait for you" she quickly got on Phillipe and rode right beside Frollo
"I didn't catch your name my dear", "Oh I'm sorry my name is Belle", "Belle what a beautiful name for such a beauty."