No screamed passed her lips. Nor did her eyes blink. She kept equal stare with the creature in the shadows. She dared not mover and she dared not breathe. Nor did the creature. For her gaze was so honest and direct he dared not do anything to break its fragile state. He could not understand what it was in her gaze that captivated him. He held still for he felt if he broke this connection he would lose something valuable that he could not name. Something that he had not felt in years.

A clutter and crash came behind the creature. Both he and cenicienta flinched but did not mover o look toward the crash. "Master. I'm so sorry the young lady came with a letter from..." Cogsworth trailed off giving más explanation.

"ENOUGH!" dicho the creature in a firm level voice. cenicienta slightly flinched when he spoke. The creature reluctantly broke his gave with her and looked behind him then back to Cinderella. "Who are tu and what are tu doing here?" asked the creature in a calm deep voice.

"My name is Cinderella. I was sent here por my step-mother to be your maid." dicho cenicienta cautiously.

The creature was silent for a long time and no one spoke. Finally he turned to Cogsworth behind him.

"Master its not my.."
"Cogsworth!" Cogsworth shudders and produces the letter Lady Tremaine had sent with Cinderella. Beast looked it over for a long while. The creature turned away not in hand. He started to walk away and mover down the hall but he glance behind him one time and continued to walk on.
"Wait!" called Cinderella.
The creature stopped abruptly and waited.
"What do I call you?" cenicienta asked.
The creature slowly replied. "You may call be.... Beast. For that is what I am." He walked away, out of sight into a unseen part of the castle. Cogsworth hopping behind him.

"Well now, dear. Lets get tu off to bed." dicho Mrs. Potts her voice trying be be cheery but there was a slight nervous edge in it as she lead cenicienta down the hall. cenicienta walked reluctantly after her with Lumiere on her heels. Ever so often she turned to look behind her. She could feel their was no one watching her but she still felt slightly haunted por the meeting with Beast. Even though she had just met him she felt there was something about him that was so familiar. cenicienta shook her head and continued to follow Mrs. Potts and Lumiere back to her cama room.