This is the end of our story but the fun part is tu get to decide what the ending is. I can’t decide between two endings because both have pros and cons.

Ending 1:
    As I watched the kids reunite with their families it made me want to do the same with my family. It’s going to be really hard for me to go and see them after all these years; I never thought I’d go back to them. The hardest part is going to be saying goodbye to the kids. "Scamp, Angel, Patch it's time for me to say goodbye." I said.

"What? Why?" asked ángel who was upset.

"You guys don't need me anymore and after seeing your guys make up with your families. It makes me wanna take of some unfinished business." I said.

“But we need you! You're our best friend! We'll miss you!" dicho Patch.

"I'll miss the three of tu too! However, I need to go back to my family and take care of some business I should have done years ago. I promise we'll meet again, goodbyes don't mean forever. I never had the courage to go and try to talk to them, but the three of tu have dado me the courage to do it, so thank you." I said.

"Thank tu for always being there to help us. You're a hero!" dicho Scamp.

"No, the three of tu are the heroes. The three of tu came up with the plans to stop Cruella and Buster, ángel saved me, and tu guys are the ones that helped me with the spell." I said.

"But tu were always there to help us when we lived with you." dicho Angel.

"You saved me and Scamp from being eaten por Reggie." dicho Patch.

"You gave us confidence to do whatever we want to do. I use to think I was stupid but you’ve shown me I’m smarter than I realized. You’ve shown us we’re strong, smarter, and braver than we thought. We’d never be able to do any of this if it wasn’t for you" dicho Scamp.

"Thank you, I never thought that someone like me could make such a big deal in some one’s life” I dicho with a smile. “Scamp do tu remember when I told tu about how everyone has a guardian like cenicienta with her fairy god-mother?” I asked.

“Yeah, why?” asked Scamp.

“Because I just found mine, the three of tu and I couldn’t ask for anyone better to be the guardian of. I'm going to miss tu all so much, but I promise I'll be back in time to say goodbye to Scamp and ángel before tu leave to go back home." I dicho as I gave them all big hugs. They almost licked me to death. I gave them back their dog collars and went on my way. But then the parents came up to me.

“Wait! We just wanted to thank tu so much for all you’ve done” dicho Lady.

“They might not even still be here if it wasn’t for you” dicho Perdita.

“You’re welcome but I’ll have tu know your kids are más than capable of taking care of themselves” I said.

“Oh I know that for sure” dicho Tramp.

“But still none the less we’re still grateful” dicho Pongo.

I smiled and then looked back at the kids. I went on my carpet and went to go see my family.

"Scamp, now that all this is over, can tu tell me what tu were going to say when I told tu I amor you?" asked Angel.
"Yes I can, and I amor tu too." dicho Scamp as he licked her.

The gatos were sent home, but they didn’t tell Aunt Sarah the truth; even if she believed the everything about magic they knew she’d just take her pets side and find some way to blame it all on the dogs. Lucky has become más kind and is good friends with Patch now. Annette, Collette, and Danielle have finally stopped obsessing with their looks and found out they can be más than just beautiful, they don’t even care that ángel is prettier than them anymore. They’re also very kind to Scamp and ángel now. Roger and Anita are now very comfortable in their new inicial because they are now expecting a baby. I went back to my family, told them how I felt and we worked out our issues. It turns out they actually cried when I ran away from inicial and they searched everywhere for me. They regretted for being hard on me and bullying me so much. I came back inicial and I'm here to stay back at my house but I will be visiting my family. I still see my dear friends but just like me they spend time with their families. Scamp, Angel, and Patch do continue to cause trouble but their parents are más understanding. tu know this siguiente part; they all lived happily ever after, well almost everyone, if tu know who I'm talking about.

Ending 2:
"Scamp, now that all this is over, can tu tell me what tu were going to say when I told tu I amor you?" asked Angel.

"Yes I can, and I amor tu too." dicho Scamp as he licked her.

    I looked at the kids with their families and I just felt sadness inside me. I have grown to amor those kids so much that it hurts me to actually let them go. I know I can visit them but it’ll hurt me to see them as perros because the ones I’ve grown to amor were humans. I’ll never be able to see those faces again, except in my memories. I knew I couldn’t stay so I left their collars without even a goodbye. The kids don’t need me anymore, they belong with their families and I think I should probably do the same. It’s time I stop running away from the problem that is my family. The kids have made me see that families are the ones tu can always come back to. So I packed up my stuff and went to see my family.

    I took a deep breath as I entered knocked at my parent’s door. They answered it, I told them who I was and my mom cried a little as she hugged me and my dad even joined in the hug. We talked about our issues and worked them out. They actually told me they cried when I ran away and looked everywhere for me. My siblings even apologize for always bullying me and my dad apologized for being so hard on me. A week had past and I have spent time with my family and I told them my story. Our entire family even came over just to see me. When I saw all my younger cousins I felt bad because all I could think about were the kids. I tried to hide how sad I was but I guess my mom must’ve saw through my mask and knew how sad I was. She asked me to come into a room with her because she wanted to talk to me.

    “Honey I know there’s something wrong” dicho mom.

    “What makes tu think something’s wrong?” I asked

    “I’m your mother, I know everything. I know it’s about those kids tu told us about” dicho mom. If tu really amor those kids than why don’t tu go back to them?” she asked.

    “I can’t, it’s too painful to see them as puppies” I said.

    “But they’re still the same kids tu knew before” dicho mom.

    “I know but the fact that they’re not going to be living with me makes me sad. I amor those kids so much” I said.

    “Have tu ever thought about asking them what they want?” asked mom.

    “After all the trouble they’ve gone through I’m pretty sure they still want to be with their families” I said.

    “You don’t know that. Maybe tu should ask them what they’d like to be, just because they want to be humans doesn’t mean they can’t still be with their families. Just like how if they want to stay cachorritos doesn’t mean tu can’t still be in their lives” dicho mom.

    “But what if they won’t even talk to me because I left without saying goodbye?” I asked.

    “Well tu left without saying goodbye to us and we seem to have overlooked that” dicho mom.

    “But what about all of you, I can’t just leave. I’ve been gone for years and I’ve only been here for a week. I need to stay here with my family where I belong” I said.

    My mom came over and hugged me “You don’t need to stay here. You’ll still have us and you’ll always have us. But it isn’t enough, is it? tu don’t belong here, where tu belong is back there. Knowing that you’re alive and that you’ve become the man I always hoped tu would be brings me joy I never thought I could feel. tu need to go back but tu should know that even if we’re apart we’ll always be together as long as we keep each other in our hearts and of course visit” dicho mom as she let go.

    “But mom even if they do want to be human what makes tu think their parents would let them?” I asked.

    “You’ll be surprised what a parent will do to make their child happy, even if it hurts them. Whatever tu decide dear just know your family will always be with tu no matter what” dicho mom.

    I sighed and dicho “Well I guess your right mom. I’ll give it a try, I’ll leave tomorrow”.

    The siguiente morning came, I dicho goodbye to my family, and went back home. I was so scared; it was like meeting my family for the first time in years all over again. But I have to stop running away from my problems, I’ll never get anywhere if I just keep running away when things get rough. When I finally arrived I found the kids at Rodger and Anita’s house playing but they stopped when they saw me. “Um… hola kids” I dicho awkwardly.

    “Hey” dicho ángel awkwardly.

    “What’s been up kids?” I asked.

    “Well my sisters aren’t so obsessed with looks, have developed a real personality, and are nicer to me and Angel” dicho Scamp.

    “And Lucky is being nicer to me and we’ve actually become friends” dicho Patch.

    “I’m guessing tu kids are wondering why I left without even saying goodbye” I said.

    “Yes that did kind of did cruzar, cruz our minds” dicho ángel with wit.

    “I can explain. As tu know I’ve never gotten close to anyone before until the three of you, I loved the three of tu so much that I just couldn’t stand the thought of seeing tu guys and not having tu stay with me anymore. So I finally went back to my family because tu inspired me to do that. My family helped me realize something important, that I didn’t give tu a real choice; I just assumed tu wanted to turn back into dogs. I just was scared and didn’t think tu would actually leave your own family for just someone you’ve known for a few months” I explained.

    “You’re más than just someone we’ve known for a few months, you’re the one who inspired us. tu helped us see how smart, brave, strong, and increíble we can be” dicho Patch.

    “Yeah I use to think I was really stupid but because of tu I know how clever I am. Besides the truth is the reason we wanted to stay humans wasn’t just because we were afraid of our parents, it was the main reason but not the only one. We wanted to stay human. When we were human for once we actually felt like we belonged” dicho Scamp.

    “Are tu guys sure tu want to become human?” I asked.

    “We really do but we can’t. We can’t just leave our families after all the trouble we’ve caused” dicho Patch.

    “Yes tu can” dicho Pongo.

    “Dad?” surprised Patch.

    Then suddenly Perdita, Tramp, and Lady came out. “Kids, we’ve been talking and we can’t help but think that tu should be human and stay with Chris” dicho Tramp.

    “Dad please don’t do this. We’ve already caused so much trouble and we belong here with tu as perros and…” started Scamp.

    “I’m afraid we’re not giving tu a choice. We know this is what tu want and we’re going to push tu to be happy” dicho Lady.

    “But mom I-” stuttered Scamp.

    “Shush! Scamp tu kids know this is what tu want and I want tu to know I’m proud of tu Scamp, we’re proud of all of you. We also want to thank tu Chris for everything you’ve done and we trust tu with our kids” dicho Lady.

    “Thank tu but it’s their choice not yours” I said.

    “Why are tu trying to push us into becoming human” asked Angel.

    “Parents will do anything to make their children happy, even if it hurts them. But we’ll still be together and see each other. Just keep us in your hearts and be sure to visit” dicho Perdita.

    “The kids hesitated at first but when they saw the approval in their parent’s eyes they nodded and Patch dicho “We will”. So I used my magic to turn them back into humans and this time for good. They had their clothes on this time and I used my magic to turn their collars into corazón shaped collar pendants as a way to honor their parents. The kids went and gave their parents a big hug, thanked them, and told them they amor them. But I used my magic to let the kids still have the ability to talk to animals. When they were done with their parents I had something I had to say to them. “Scamp do tu remember when I told tu that everyone has a guardian like cenicienta did with her fairy god-mother?” I asked

    “Yes, why?” answered Scamp.

    “Because I just found mine, the three of tu and I couldn’t ask to be the guardian for anyone better” I said. The four of us joined into a group hug. Then suddenly their human owners came out and they didn’t say anything because they knew they shouldn’t get involved. However the baby Junior was crying for Scamp and Angel. But Scamp ángel promised him they’d come visit him and play with him as they came him a hugged him. Their former owners told me that I better take good care of them which I promised I would. “Ready to go inicial kids o would tu rather go on a ride on the carpet?” I asked.

    “On the carpet!” dicho the kids.

    “But we’ve still have one last thing to take care of” dicho Scamp.

    “What’s that?” I asked.

    “So look at that magic mirror, the one that shows tu your true form” dicho Scamp.

    So we flew to my house so they could take a look in the mirror. They were almost too afraid to look into the mirror because of what they might see. However when they looked into the mirror what they saw was just their regular selves as humans. They were so happy that finally they do belong and they’ve finally know who they are. We went on my carpet and I told them I was going to take them to meet my family. As we flew por their former human owners saw us as the kids waved goodbye.

    “Oh wouldn’t it be just wonderful to have children around the house, human ones” hinted Nanny.

    “Yeah that would be great and I hope one día we’ll be lucky enough to have children” dicho Roger.

    “Well then Roger I have the most wonderful news” dicho Anita.