Jim Dear and Darling were at Rodger and Anita’s trying to figure out a way to find the pups. It broke Anita and Darling’s hearts to see Lady and Perdita so corazón broken. They also have been looking for Si and Am because Aunt Sarah has been so upset and keeps blaming the dogs. Lady and Perdita are moping around the house worrying about the kids. They felt like they were so useless not being able to find their children and keep them safe. All they could do is hope and pray that they would find them soon. Tramp and Pongo hate to see them like this and tried to talk to them.

"Girls, come on don't be sad! We hate seeing tu so sad." dicho Pongo.

"We can't help it! The kids are still missing! My poor little Patch! Where could he be?" dicho Perdita.

"I've been praying that we'd find them. I know Scamp has ran away before but he's never been gone this long" dicho Lady.

"Easy there, Pidge! We'll find him, Patch, and Angel. They couldn't have vanished into thin air. tu never know. Maybe they'll come to the house any día now, o maybe someone found them and are returning them right now!" dicho Tramp.

I arrived at the house and knocked on the door. Anita, Darling, Roger, Jim Dear, and all of the perros came out. I still can't believe they have so many dogs! I told them the whole story. They didn't believe me, so I tried to prove it with my magic carpet. However, they thought it was a trick and that I was crazy. So as my siguiente way of proving it, I gave all the perros the ability to talk. At this point they started to believe me and the dads got upset.

"I warned Patch about getting into any más trouble! When he gets inicial and is a perrito, cachorro again, he's going to be in big trouble!" Pongo dicho angrily.

"I can't believe Scamp and ángel would do something like...well, actually I can. I warned them, and when we get back inicial I'm making sure they are punished, and I won't be hearing their excuses!" Tramp also dicho angrily.

"Hey, tu idiots, that's what got us into this mess in the first place! They told me tu two don't listen to them. Scamp also heard about tu thinking about selling him. I'm guessing that's the reason they were afraid to come home!" I dicho
The two dads then paused and became speechless. Lady and Tramp turned and looked at each other, wishing they never even had that conversation that night. We tried to come up with a plan to find the kids, but just then, some idiot crashed into their mailbox. It was that woman Cruella De Vil! While everyone gasped, I said, "HEY THERE tu IDIOT! WHAT’S THE BIG IDEA? WHY DON'T tu WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING?! WHERE DID tu GET YOUR LICENCE, A CRACKER-JACK BOX?! tu CAN'T DRIVE tu MORON!"

    Unfortunately, she didn't answer, I was very curious as to how she got her license, and with a wave of her hand she turned all the perros into humans, fortunately wearing clothes. Anita gasped and questioned how Cruella was able to do that. She ignored Anita as she grabbed a large bag from her car and just dicho she wished to speak to the owners of the farm. Jim and Darling went with Anita and Roger to talk with them. Pongo and Perdita knew she was up to something and went with them. Nanny took Junior inside the house where he'd be safe. I saw the Siamese gatos sneak off and I knew they were up to something, so I sneaked off to see what they were up to. Buster as a human came up to Tramp and Lady.

     Buster had an evil grin and said, "Hello Tramp, old buddy! Remember me?"

At first Tramp didn't know who he was, so he squints and looks into Buster's eyes. His eyes then widen and he realizes who it is. "Buster?"

"How sweet! tu remember me!" He then looks at Lady, who he still has harsh feelings for. Her walks towards her and slowly puts his hand on her face as he says, "You must be this Lady that I've heard so much about. Even though you're human right now, you're as beautiful as he says and still sicken me."

Lady then backs away and glares at him. Tramp stands in front of Lady protectively and says, "What are tu doing here?"

    "I'm not here for her. I'm here for you!" dicho Buster.

Tramp's eyes narrow and says "I'm listening..." as he balls his hands into fists.

"I wish to make a deal, sort of a bet, with you. Cruella wishes to make tu all her servants, so when she buys this farm she can have free labor. That's where the deal comes in! I want to fight with tu hand to hand! If tu win, you, your wife, your daughters, and those two Dalmatians are free. However, if tu lose, all of tu will be my slaves until the end of your days." dicho Buster with a grin.

"Pongo and Perdita won't let themselves become slaves, and I know they won't let her have the farm!" dicho Lady.

"Stay out of this house, dog!" dicho Buster.

"Leave her alone! Exactly what makes tu think I'd bet my family's freedom just to fight you?" dicho Tramp.

He grinned and grabbed a large bag "Well, let's just say I think you'll find my little offer quite hard to resist!" dicho Buster. He pulled Scamp out of the bag, who was tied up and had tape over his mouth.

Lady gasped. She and Tramp than cried out, "Scamp!" and ran forward. However, Buster put his hand on Scamp's neck with a nice and firm grip.

Lady than became angry and worried at the same time. She shouted, "Don't tu dare harm him!"

Buster grinned and said, "Agree to the deal and don't interfere, and your little boy won't be hurt. Besides, would tu rather have all four of your kids alive and have a chance of freedom, o have freedom and just three kids?"

Lady became furious as she growls at Buster, "You...you monster!"

"However, I guess if your freedom means más to tu then your only son, then I'll just be going." dicho Buster.

Tramp glares at Buster and said, "Nothing means más to us than our children!"

“If they mean so much to tu why do tu continue to lie to them? Your little boy doesn’t even know the complete truth about tu and me” taunted Buster.

“Tramp what is he talking about?” asked Lady in confusion.

“Oh so it looks like not even little Lady knows about this now does she? If tu won’t tell them I will” threatened Buster. Tramp kept trying to get the words out in such an awkward way but couldn’t get it out. “Very well, have it your way. When we were just pups we both had been abandoned por our parents and we found each other in the junkyard crying. We at that moment became best friends and promised to always stick together, which we did, for a while. All the perros looked up to him and I always faded into the background, just considered Tramp’s sidekick. But I still considered him my friend and he still thought of me as an equal so I stood por him, until he ruined it. I feel in amor with a beautiful dog with gorgeous blue eyes, luscious and silky fur, and the voice of an angel, Peg. She had been my friend since the día her career in showbiz didn’t work out. We always told each other everything and we even fell in love. I hoped to one día have her as mine and have a family, something I always wanted but never had. We would stroll together, eat together, talk together, and I felt like I was truly happy. But Tramp’s weakness was always an attractive dame; he estola her from me and from that moment I told him he wasn’t my friend and to leave the junkyard. I tried to get myself my own gang but no one respected me without Tramp. I never saw Peg again and I never loved another dame after her. Tramp one día came back and told me he was going to become a house dog and that being a junkyard dog wasn’t the life for him anymore. He never even apologized for what he did to me and I vowed he would pay for what he did to me. I also vowed that from now on Buster’s trouble is Buster’s trouble. He took away everything from me and I used my anger to make others fear me and respect me, which is how I got my junkyard gang, until that too was ripped from me. Now I’m finally going to get what I’ve been waiting for all this time” explained Buster.

“I was wrong to do that to you, I’m sorry but I’ve changed” pleaded Tramp.

Sure now tu apologize, because I’m a threat. That’s the way it is, that’s the way life has always been. Now are tu going to fight me o will your son pay the price?” ranted Buster.

Scamp became torn and thought that if his dad did all that to his best friend maybe he should consider joining him. His father had hurt him before and didn’t want to get hurt again, especially not like he hurt Buster. However he knew Buster had taken advantage of him before and didn’t want to get hurt either and in his eyes was scared. When he sees the frightened look on Scamp's face, his face softened a little while he gazed at his son. He knew it was a hard thing to do but he knew he had to fight o he'd lose his son. "I'll do it!"

Lady and Scamp both looked horrified while Buster was satisfied. He grinned and said, "Ready when tu are."

Tramp then dicho coldly, "First, let my son go now! I agreed to fight. tu know I never back down from a fight!"

Buster then grinned and wasn't worried in the slightest. "Very well, but if tu back down, your son is oso, oso de food!" dicho Buster as he unties Scamp. He whispers into Scamp’s ear “My offer still stands. Now that tu know the whole story, think about it.”

Scamp than ran to his dad and began to beg for his dad not to do this. "Dad, don't do it! He’s too strong and has been a human longer than tu have so he’s más experienced in fighting as one. You’ll lose, tu can’t do this” pleaded Scamp.

Tramp turned to look at his son. His expression is grim, but his eyes are sad. "I have to try, don't I? I'm doing this because I amor you, Scamp, I don't wanna lose you. I have to do this for you. I'm not gonna let anything bad happen to you." dicho Tramp.

Scamp then starts to cry and tries to talk while crying. "You can't! This is all of my fault! I got myself, Angel, and Patch turned into humans! It's my fault Cruella and Buster found out about magic! It's my fault that I didn't just come home! I was just afraid of what you'd do to me! It's my fault! I'm sorry! Please don't do this! I'll do anything! I'll be a good son and do whatever tu say! I should be the one who has to do this not you! Please, Daddy, I don't want tu to get hurt o die! Please don't do it, Daddy! Please don't! I'll do anything, Daddy!"

Tramp comes over and pulls Scamp into a hug, allowing his son to cry into his chest. Lady also comes over and kneels down, rubbing her son's back. "It's okay, Whirlwind. tu learned your lesson. And don't worry, I'll be fine. We'll fix this, I promise."

Buster than became disgusted. "Enough of this garbage! We have a deal, unless tu want your only son to be a oso, oso de snack!"

Tramp lets go and stands up, then walks up to Buster. "Fine, let's finish this". The two men glare at one another, then began to fight.

As Scamp watches his father fight, he knew he had to do something. He knows he has to find me, Angel, and Patch. He whispers to his mom, "Mom, I have to find Chris, Angel, and Patch. Make sure Buster doesn't notice I'm gone o he'll send Reggie."

Lady grabbed Scamp por the arm and said, "You're not going anywhere! You're saying right here where I can keep an eye on you, so I'll know you'll be seguro and won't get hurt!"

"Mom, I have to do this! It's my fault! I have to fix this!" dicho Scamp.

"No! You're not going anywhere! I just got tu back, I can't loose tu again; you're my pup! I can't bare the thought of tu hurt!" dicho Lady.

"Mom, I'm not a little perrito, cachorro anymore! I can do this, Mom! Why can't tu just believe in me?! I can save the day! I'm stronger than I look! Please, Mom, let me do this! I have to do this! Angel's out there somewhere, and I have to find her! I have to find Chris and Patch too, but most of all Angel! I'm not going to abandon Angel! I know I can do this!" dicho Scamp.

Lady didn't want her son out of her sight o to do something so dangerous, but she knew that she couldn't change his mind. She saw that same look in his eyes that she had when Tramp wouldn’t let her come with him. She realized that he’s not just like his father but also has some of her in him too. She believed that he could do it, so she nodded. Scamp than ran off to find his friends. Lady turned to watch Tramp and Buster fight worried. Scamp looked back as his mother and whispered “Don’t worry mom, I promise I’ll try hard to make tu proud of your boy” as he goes on trying to find his friends. He finds Patch tied up with his mouth taped siguiente to Cruella as she's talking to Anita and Roger with him as a hostage. Scamp unties him while Cruella's not looking and they sneak away. They look to find Angel, but it turns out she's already free.

"Angel! How did tu escape?" asked Scamp.

"Are tu kidding? I've lived on the streets my whole life! I've learned how to escape from every trap there is!" dicho Angel.

"Where's Chris?" asked Patch.

"I saw him in a great big sphere, and those gatos are trying to get him to talk." dicho Angel.

"Talk about what?" asked Scamp.

“I don't know, but I know he won't talk because we all know he's one tough nut to crack." dicho Angel.

"Well, we need to find a way to fix this, and I have a plan. We need to get that book away from Cruella. We also need to find a way to deal with Reggie. If we got the book and turn him into a mouse, then it would be a lot easier for us." dicho Scamp.

"Then we could find a way to free Chris, and I know just the way. First things first, I gotta get those Siamese gatos out of the way. Maybe if I distracted them and managed to get them all tied up, then it be a lot easier to free him. Cruella will be powerless without that book, well, besides her driving. But what about Buster?" dicho Angel.

"Dad is in a hand to hand fight with him, so he'll be perfectly distracted. However, Cruella might notice us trying to get the book from her, so we'll need to distract her." dicho Scamp.

"I know just the way! Roger made a hit song called Cruella De Vil which makes her upset every time she hears it. I can get some of my brothers and sisters to sing it while I sneak the book away and meet up with tu two in the barn" dicho Patch.

"Good idea. I'll get my sisters and we'll distract Reggie” dicho Scamp.

“Are tu sure that’s a good idea Scamp” asked Angel.

“It’s worth a shot Angel, besides they do care about dad who might die if they don’t help. Patch, when tu get the book, hurry and bring the book to me so I can cast the spell to turn him into a mouse. Okay guys, tu know your assignments. Now let's go!" dicho Scamp. Patch ran off to get his brothers and sisters. Scamp was about to run off but ángel grabbed a hold of his arm before he could. "Angel, what's going on? What are tu doing?" asked Scamp.

"In case we don't make it through this, there's something I want tu to know." dicho Angel.

"What is it?" asked Scamp.

"I want tu to know that I amor you, with all my heart!" dicho ángel as she kisses him on the lips.

"Angel I..." started Scamp with a blush.

"Don't say anything! Tell me how tu feel after all of this is over. That way I know we'll both live and that I'll see tu again!" dicho ángel as she ran off.
Lady as a human(credit for image to Ribon95)
Tramp as a human
Pongo as a human
Perdita as a human