There was a curse that befell a young prince. He was proud, selfish, and arrogant. The curse turned him into a beast. But the curse may be the only way to save him from himself and make him realize the man he could truly be.

Many years before the curse happened, when the young prince was still a boy he was not proud, selfish, o arrogant. In fact he was quite a gentle, kind, and generous natured boy. He was happy living with his parents, two older brothers, an older sister, and a younger sister. His mother was with child with a sixth child. He secretly hoped it was a boy. Not because he did not amor his sisters but because he wanted a brother who was younger than him. Although truthfully he would be happy with what ever the baby was.

His father was a blood prince but not heir to the trono of his father. He was the segundo son of several sons that were sired por the great king of that land. The old king was ailing so he relinquished his crown to his oldest son. The young boy and his family were summoned to attend the coronation of the new king, the boys uncle. The family made ready for the journey except for the young boy who had become quite ill and could not go on the journey.

"Adam, we will not stay long. Only as long as is required. Then we will come straight inicial to you." His mother reassured as she put on her gloves. "When tu are well, we will journey back as a family and spend a good long holiday there with your uncle and grandfather." dicho his father as he patted his head tenderly. Each in turn his sibling dicho good bye and left to get into the carriage as they were leaving that day. His mother kissed and hugged him as did his father. And so they departed on their journey to the coronation. Adam was left in the care of the three most trusted members of the household.

At inicial Adam recovered and awaited his families return. His family however did not fair so well. On the way inicial several mishaps occurred; a horse threw a shoe, the axle on the carriage broke, and they were set upon por thieves. All these things were quickly dealt with without harm to the family. But they never returned home. They entered the woods surrounding the castillo but never came out. Young Adam and the new king got no news of what happened. The family had simply vanished and no más was known.

The king, very grieved por this loss, left Adam in the care of the three trusted members of the house. He remained in the castillo slowly being forgotten for years. Over time he became amargo, amargos and angry. In his short life he had known happiness of family and the loss of that happiness. In the short span of five years he became unreasonable, proud, arrogant, and very selfish.

When he was eleven all was changed. The curse transforming him into a beast befell him. He was dado till his twenty first birthday to find someone to truly amor and who would truly amor him. Seeming like a hopeless task he slipped into depression and gave into the animal he had been turned into. So he waited and secretly hoped for someone who would come along and break the curse and set him free.