The kids are walking in the woods. They stop to rest when they made sure they're far enough away from me.

    "So, now what do we do?" asked Patch.

    "Well, if we were still dogs, we'd live on the streets." dicho Angel.

    "If we were still dogs, we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place." dicho Scamp.

    "We never should have wandered off." dicho Angel.

    "Well, we did. There's nothing that can change that." dicho Patch.

    "Yeah, so we might as well make the best of it” dicho Scamp.

    “Maybe we should’ve just gone back home” suggested Angel.

    “What? They’re planning on getting rid of us and tu think we should go back!” shouted Patch.

    “I have to agree with Patch, especially after…” faltered Scamp.

    “After what?” asked Angel.

    “Well tu see, the día I got attacked before we went to the park I went into Chris’s magic room. I came across a mirror. Chris says it reveals your true form, even if you’re in a disguise o under a spell” started Scamp.

    “So what’s the big deal? tu saw a reflection of yourself as a dog” questioned Patch.

    “Because I didn’t just see myself as a dog, that was only the half of it” dicho Scamp. He got out the mirror which he kept in his pocket and showed it to them. For each of them it showed one half being a perrito, cachorro and the other being human. They were frightened por this sight and now they were unsure than ever about who they were. They didn’t speak a word o even make a slight sound. Scamp now wished he hadn’t shown this to them, he didn’t know what to say and kept thinking of a way to lighten the mood. “I know we could go to an orphanage and live out our lives there until we're adopted. Then we'll just live out the rest of our lives as humans." dicho Scamp.

    "Yeah, that'll work!" dicho Patch who had tried to forget what just happened.

    "I guess we could. Oh, and Scamp? In case something happens..." ángel faltered and looked down at her feet feeling timid.

    "Yeah, what is it Angel?" asked Scamp.

    "I just want tu to know that with all my corazón I -" started Angel.

    Suddenly, there was the oso, oso de that chased Scamp almost a mes ago. It chased the three. They became so frightened that they got separated. After several minutos of running, Patch is walking along the woods trying to find his friends. However, for a moment he stops to rest and starts talking to himself.

    "Great work Patch, just brilliant. Out of all the trouble I've gotten myself into, this takes the cake. I never should have ran away o I'd still be inicial with my mom, dad, brothers, sisters, Roger, Anita, and Nanny. But it wouldn’t matter since they’re planning on getting rid of me. It wouldn’t matter if I even wanted to go back inicial because now I can never go back inicial ever again!" dicho Patch as a few tears went down his face.

    Suddenly, a woman came out of nowhere; she was the same strange woman with the pelaje, piel capa Scamp had met. Patch knew perfectly well who it was because she used to haunt his nightmares. It was indeed the devil woman, Cruella De Vil. She walked towards him but he walked away from her slowly. He could remember her and all she did like he could see the sun in the sky.

    "No need to be frightened, my dear child. This must be some forest because almost a mes hace I saw another little boy with light brown hair. Now, are tu lost and alone?" dicho Cruella.

    "I know exactly who tu are, Cruella, so don't try this whole nice act!" dicho Patch.

    "Thank goodness! The only thing worse than actuación nice is paying taxes, which I haven't had to do in ten years!" dicho Cruella.

    "So, what do tu want?" asked Patch.

    "I know you're one of those dalmatian cachorritos and I want you, especially since you're the one who got me sent to the mental health facility! I’m going to get information out of tu about where the location of the Dalmatian plantation. Once I find it I will fool Anita and her husband into thinking I will safely return tu if they give me the deed to the plantation so I can use is as the location of my new Business Corporation in this new country. However I will really kill you, your brothers and sisters so I can finally have my pelaje, piel coat. I knew about your friend being a wizard because one día as I was driving I saw a magic carpet. So, I spied on tu and decided to steal the magic book to make myself powerful. Now I'm literally the most powerful woman in the business, and my new friend Buster can have his revenge. I tested a human spell on him and two cats." dicho Cruella.

    "Pretty clever plan tu crazy old nut. But how do tu expect to make me into a pelaje, piel capa when I’m human, unless tu know how to turn me back" dicho Patch.

    “I don’t need a spell o a potion to turn tu back; I did a little lectura and found something interesting. It turns out that if a person is under a spell, a curse, o had drank a potion that changes their appearance than they will turn back into their true forms if they’re killed” dicho Cruella with a cruel smile.

    Patch at that moment gasped and ran for is life. However, she used a magic spell which created glowing hands and commanded them to grab him, which they did. “You’ll never make me tell tu where the plantation is” resisted Patch.

    “Really? I have a feeling you’ll be quite accommodating” dicho Cruella with a smile of satisfaction. She used magic to make him tell her where the Dalmatian plantation was. He tried to resist with all his strength but it was useless and he unwillingly revealed it.

    Meanwhile, ángel is standing siguiente to the river and starts talking to herself. "I can't believe I'm stuck here and that I just lost another family. I wish Mom and Dad were here. They'd know what I should do. If only I hadn't wandered off and had that potion, I wouldn't have been in this mess. Now I'm lost and I'll never see any of them again, but right now I'm mostly worried that I'll never see Scamp again o tell him I'm in amor with him!" dicho ángel as a few tears came down her face.

    Suddenly the two extremely beautiful and exotic women Scamp saw came out of nowhere. ángel found them very strange, but she thought that she could handle them. She decided to ask them if they have seen her friends.

    "Excuse me, have tu seen my friends? One's a boy with light brown hair and the other is a boy with black hair." asked Angel. Instead of answering, they started dancing some strange exotic dance. ángel became confused and asked, "Who are tu two?"
    "We are Siamese if tu please! We are Siamese if tu don't please! We are from the residence of Siam! We like if tu come with us now!" sang the two women.

She tried to run away, but the women kept popping up out of nowhere while doing their strange dance and singing. She was running so fast that her ribbon holding her ponytail together got caught in a árbol branch. She could hear those two women right behind her, so she untangled herself from her ribbon and ran faster than she had ever ran before with her long loose hair flying everywhere. The two women then jumped out right in front of Angel's face, ángel got a close enough look at their eyes and realized exactly who they were. "You're those Siamese gatos of that horrible Aunt Sarah!" dicho Angel.

"We are Siamese if tu please! We are Siamese if tu don't please! We are from the residence of Siam, you’ll be coming with us now" sang the two women.

"Forget it! If tu want me you'll have to catch me!" dicho ángel as she ran off.

"Did tu hear that?" asked one of the women.

"Yes! She's running away! It's a good thing we brought a rope!" dicho the other woman.

"If we sneak up on her carefully, we will get the girl and she'll come with us!" sung the women. They used the rope and tied her up like they were at a rodeo. ángel tried to break free but it was no use. “Now to tough now are you, tu little mutt” dicho the two women. “We are Siamese if tu please! We are Siamese if tu don’t please! We are from the residence of Siam! There is no finer cat than I am! There are no finer gatos than we am” they sang with a sinister smile.

    Meanwhile, Scamp is sitting under a árbol and is wondering about what he's going to do and all that he's gotten himself into. "I can't believe this is happening! I thought I learned my lesson the first time I ran away from home! I also kind of figured Chris would have found us por now! Isn't anyone trying to find me? I wish someone would just come take me home! This is all of my fault! It was my idea for us to go to that house! If it wasn't for me, we wouldn't be in this mess! I just wish I was inicial o that Dad would come find me again. But what good would that do? Dad will definitely get rid of me after this! Besides I don’t even belong there anyway. The reflection in that magic mirror says it all; I’m not a dog o a human o anything. I’m just a nothing that doesn’t belong anywhere. This stupid mistake I made is the reason I couldn’t go back home, and now I can't ever go back inicial again!" Scamp dicho to himself as a few tears go down his face.

Suddenly that strange man he had met weeks hace had appeared. Scamp dried his tears and walked away slowly while the man continued to walk towards him.

"Looks like we meet again, sport. However, this time tu won't be getting away from me and I'll finally have my revenge!" dicho the man.

"You seem so familiar..." dicho Scamp.

"You mean tu don't remember me? After all we went through and how your daddy betrayed me!" dicho the man.

"Buster, it's you! How did tu become human? And how did tu know that I was human?" asked Scamp.

"I got some help from a rich lady and she found out when she saw that magic carpet. So she had me and these two stupid gatos test a potion and we ended up human. I decided to use being human as revenge on your daddy and you!" dicho Buster as he grabbed Scamp.

"Let me go!" dicho Scamp as he tried to break free.

"Don't struggle and just come quietly like a good little boy." dicho Buster.

"Not on your life!" dicho Scamp.

"Do I have to get Reggie to make tu hold still?" asked Buster.

"Reggie? tu mean that oso, oso de that was chasing us was Reggie?!" questioned Scamp.

"Well, aren't tu a smart little boy? Now just come with me, and maybe I won't feed tu to Reggie." dicho Buster.

"I'll never go with you! Let me go!" dicho Scamp as he kicked Buster in the leg, which broke him free.

Scamp ran away as fast as he could and Buster ran after him. Scamp hid behind a árbol and left as soon as he was sure it was safe. However, Buster was planning it, so he jumped out and grabbed Scamp. “Enough of this already, it’s not use, stop fighting me” commanded Buster.

“No, I’ll never stop! I’ll never give in to the likes of you” resisted Scamp

“You better be careful Scampster, daddy’s not here to save tu like last time” dicho Buster

“I don’t need him, besides siguiente to tu he’s the last person I want to be near. He’s planning to get rid of me so I’m just going out on me own and never looking back. Which I will once I get away from you” dicho Scamp.

Buster’s face than at that moment softened as he looked at the hurt Scamp. He realized that Scamp’s been hurt just as badly as he has por Tramp. So he thought of a way that would work out for the both of them. “You know kid, we’re not so different” dicho Buster.

“I’m nothing like you!” growled Scamp.

“Now, now Scampster I know we’ve had our issues but that doesn’t mean tu and I aren’t the same. We’ve both been hurt por your dear daddy. So I have an offer for you; registrarse me and we’ll live together. Once I take care of your lying daddy I’ll make tu my son and I’ll give tu everything you’ve ever wanted. tu can have freedom, adventure, a family that cares and understands, and most importantly I won’t lie, hide the truth, o hurt you. What do tu say kid?” offered Buster.

“I’d never registrarse you! tu almost got me killed and you’re just pathetic. You’re really just doing all this just because my dad fell in amor and left you. If tu weren’t so horrible, cruel, and pathetic than maybe he’d still be your friend” cried out Scamp.

Surprisingly Buster didn’t get upset over what Scamp just dicho “Oh tu really don’t know anything do you? Looks like daddy hasn’t told tu everything, tu poor thing” dicho Buster with sympathy.

“What do tu mean?” asked Scamp out of curiosity.

“Well let’s just say there’s más to the story about your dad and me than tu think. I was hoping when I gave tu this offer you’d accept it but it appears tu need some time to think about it. How’s about we talk this over with your parents” dicho Buster. Suddenly he ties Scamp up, tapes his mouth shut, and puts him in a bag.
ángel with her hair down