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posted by KataraLover
Three weeks later, Scamp was out of his splint, and we did many activities together including swimming, horse back riding, flying on the magic carpet, shooting fireworks in the backyard, rock climbing, and I even used magic to take them to Antarctica so we could play in the snow. During all of this I have been looking at my magic book, and I finally found a spell to turn them back! It's a potion I need to make, but it has to be individual because I need a strand of their human hair and their dog hair. It'll turn a certain color for each of them so I can tell which potion to give the child. My crystal ball told me that Scamp's would be blue, Angel's pink, and Patch's red. I got one piece of pelaje, piel from their collars that I've kept seguro in a drawer. Now all I have to do is get a stand of their human hair, which should be easy when I tell them the news. However the potion won't take effect until the night of a full moon, which is tonight. At 3:00 P.M. I got them all together so I could tell them the news.

"I have great news! Guess what it is!" I said.

"You found your other magic book!" guessed Patch.

"You found out who those people chasing me in the woods were!" guessed Scamp.

"You’re going to talk to your family after all these years!" guessed Angel.

"Wow! All three of tu are really bad at guessing!" I said.

"Well, what is it?" asked Patch.

"I found a way to change the three of tu back!" I said.

"...No, thank you" dicho Scamp with an awkward smile.

Shocked, I said, "Boy who I should be slapping silly right now, say what?!"

"We don't really wanna be perros again. We wanna stay human." dicho Angel.

"What are tu talking about? We’ve been trying to turn tu back into human for months and you’ve never dicho anything about this before" I said.

"Couldn't we stay human?" asked Patch.

"It's not that simple. I can't just let tu three stay human. There are some things we'd have to worry about if I did." I said.

"Such as what?" asked Angel.

"There's the fact that there's no known records on any of tu three, and then the government would kidnap us and preguntas us." I said.

"You can make a record of us with your magic!" dicho Scamp.

"Okay, good point. However, you'd have to go to school and get an education. Plus, you'd have to work to make a living your whole life. Do tu really wanna do that?" I said.

"I've been through so much and seen things in my life and I never thought I'd make it through. I had a few close calls, but I'm here looking at you. So I think I can handle it and I know these two can handle it too." dicho Angel.

"Okay, but what about your families? Scamp, Patch, how do tu think your parents would feel if they never saw tu again?" I asked.

"They have ninety-eight más kids! I don't think one less kid would matter all that much." dicho Patch.

"I'm sure my three sisters will be good enough for them." dicho Scamp.

"A parent can't just be good enough when it comes to kids. It'll really upset them if they never see tu again." I said.

"Well, that's not gonna get me to go back, considering their not my parents." dicho Angel.

"Well Scamp's parents treat tu like tu were their own daughter, so they're like your parents." I said.

"How dare tu say that! They're not my parents and they'll never be my parents! Don't ever say that! In fact, don't even think that there's anyone in this world that could ever replace my parents!" ángel shouted angrily.

"Calm, down Angel! I wasn't saying they were replacing your parents!" I said.

"I don't care! Besides, I'm not going anywhere!" dicho Angel.

"None of us are! We're staying right here!" dicho Scamp.

"We can't go home!" dicho Patch.

"You can't? Guys, this is más than just wanting to be human, isn't it? If there's another reason tu don't wanna go back home, tu can tell me." I said.

"Why can't we just stay with you?" asked Patch.

"Guys, I'd amor to have tu stay here. It's not easy for me to have tu guys leave and go back home, but tu have to. I can’t just let tu guys run away from inicial and worry your families sick" I said.

"Oh, so it’s okay for tu to run away from inicial and never see your family again but it’s not okay for anyone else to do it? Yeah that seems fair and to make perfect sense" scolded Scamp.

I tried to think of the words to say but I was really shocked. I never thought in my entire life I’d get that part of my life thrown back at me. But he was right. How could I convince them to go inicial when I’m unable to do the same? "It’s not the same thing. tu all have a inicial and a family that loves you." I said

"If they amor us so much, then why did my dad think of getting rid me and Angel?" asked Scamp.

"What are tu talking about, Scamp?" I asked.

"One night I heard dad talking to my mom thinking about giving us away." dicho Scamp.
"I have a feeling my dad is going to do the same." dicho Patch.

"I can't handle another family rejecting me! I don't wanna be a reject anymore! I’ve felt it five times before and I’m NOT going through it again, so I’m just going to leave them before they reject me" dicho Angel.

Now I see what's going on. They're scared of what will happen when they get home. They must’ve gotten the impression from their fathers that they’re going to get rid of them. They must think that they're going to sell them to some stranger, but I don't think they would; they amor them too much. However, before I got a chance to talk to them, they ran out the door and into the woods. I tried to stop them, but they were too far ahead of me and are too fast for me. What am I going to do? What if those people come after them again? I can’t do this por myself, even with magic, I don’t know why but I have a feeling that whoever took my magic book is on it with those people who were after Scamp. As much as I hate to admit it, I need to help from the kid’s families. Let’s hope I can get them to believe me and that I’m not too late to help the kids.

Meanwhile, Cruella was at her house ranting to her friends about how they failed at kidnaping Scamp. "How could tu three idiots mess this up?! How hard is it to kidnap a little boy?! It should be simple! How could tu have let that little brat escape?!" ranted Cruella.

"That kid is tricky and very clever." dicho Buster.

"He's very resourceful," started Si.

"And very strong for his age" finished Am.

"Silence, tu imbeciles! We need to get that little brat and his little friends too! I thought this plan would be simple enough; we pick them off one por one but apparently, tu three morons couldn’t even do that right!" dicho Cruella.

"Well, siguiente time when I see that little brat, I'm mostrando no mercy! When I get my hands on him I will get the revenge that I desire!" Buster growled.

"You better, for your own sake! Because if tu don't, I will take two knifes and hang tu por your ears from the very parte superior, arriba of the Eiffel Tower! Got it?" Cruella demanded.

"Yes I fully understand" Buster whimpered.

"Good! Also, I want all three of tu to know that if we get that dalmatian brat, he's mine! He's the reason I went to the mental health facility! I will get him back for all that he's done to me: stopping me from getting my pelaje, piel coat, Jasper and Horace turning against me, and getting me sent to the mental institution! When I get my hands on him, he'll pay! In fact, I have an idea of what we should do!" dicho Cruella.
"What is it?" asked Buster.

"When we kidnap the kids, use magic to get them to tell us where the plantation is, and use them as hostages, I'll use a spell to turn all the perros into humans. I’ll force the Dalmatian parents, Anita, Rodger, and their little cook to work for me as my slaves. Once I get my pelaje, piel capa I’ll start a new life as a fashion designer, destroy their land, make it the site of my Business Corporation, and have them work for me” dicho Cruella.

"Also to have Tramp’s family work for me, remember we have a deal" reminded Buster.

"Of course my friend, but the deals off if we can’t get those little brats. Now we just need those three little brats and to get them away from that wizard!" dicho Cruella.

"Looks like they're doing that for us." dicho Si.

"What are tu talking about?" asked Cruella.

"Those three little brats are running away from the wizard's house into the woods.” dicho Am.

Cruella and the man ran right to the window to take a look, and then both grinned with satisfaction. "They're making this far too easy for us! We'll go into the woods, división, split up, and get those three little brats!" dicho Cruella.

"Let me get the boy that got away the first time. I won't let him escape me again!" dicho Buster.

“Very well, but if he escapes, tu know exactly what I'll do. As for the two of you, I want tu to bring me the girl. Since there's two of tu and only one of her, it should be easy! But if tu fail to get the girl, I will hang tu por your ponytails from the very parte superior, arriba of Big Ben! Got it?!" dicho Cruella.

"Yes." whispered both of the frightened women.

"Now, when tu find your child, I don't care how tu kidnap them, but I want them alive and unharmed! Then, when we have the brats in our possession, we'll tie them up, tape their mouths shut, and put them each in a bag. Now, get the oso, oso de and get into my car! I'm not going to miss this opportunity!" commanded Cruella.

Villains! Don't ya just amor to hate 'em?
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-When tu started to do crossovers?
I started in 2005 with anime then began again in December of 2010 with disney crossovers. :)

-Why do tu like doing crossovers?
It keeps me entertained. ^^

-Do tu like slash crossovers?
No, I don't like homosexual pairings. ^^"

-Now, for tu is más easier to do crossovers?
It's been the same, honestly. ^^;

-Do tu thing that you're one of the best doing photoshop/crossover? BE HONEST.
I think I'm one of the Greats! :D Haha, only kidding, I think I'm up there with everyone else. Have tu seen all the fans' work? The photomanipulations on here are just lovely....
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guys guys after looking at so many mermaid edits i found an amazing fairy editar video!! so sharing here
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