A week passed by, and things are kind of strange. The boys are fine, but ángel is kind of actuación weird. Every night for this week she's been waking up screaming in the middle of the night. I keep asking if she wants to talk about it but she keeps saying no. However tonight is the last straw; I need to get some sleep without hearing someone scream. Tonight I went straight to her room and I wasn't going to take no for an answer. She didn't scream yet but it was about time for her to scream. She screamed and jumped straight up with her long loose hair flying in the air. "Angel, what's wrong?" I asked.

    "Nothing, I'm fine." dicho Angel.

    "Really? Because you've been doing this for a week and I need to get to sleep without hearing someone scream" I said.

"I can't help it! I just keep having these dreams and seeing these faces!" dicho Angel.

“What faces?” I asked.

"Faces! So many familiar faces and voices!" dicho ángel as she started breaking down into tears.

I went over to her cama and hugged her to try to comfort her. I grabbed her blanket and dried her tears. "There, there it's okay. Can tu please tell me what the dream was?" I asked.

"Well there were two perros and a puppy, they were in a junkyard. It was night time with a full moon, they were all happy and the perrito, cachorro was playing around with her parents" started Angel.

"What's so bad about that?" I asked.

"Well there was a dog catcher, he chased after the perros and puppy. The perros ran as fast as they could. Unfortunately, as they were being chased por the dog catcher in his car, the father got ran over" dicho ángel as tears went down her face.

I put my hand on her face and wiped the tear away. "What about the mother and the puppy?" I asked.

“They continued to run until they came to the train tracks. Just when they thought they were safe, a train came. The mother grabbed her daughter in her mouth and ran as fast as she could, but her paw got stuck on the track and she couldn't get it out" ángel paused to take a deep breath.

"What happened next?" I asked.

"She told her daughter to go on without her. The perrito, cachorro did as she was told hoping that her mother would be okay. She ran as fast as she could until she came to the end of the tracks where she was safe. When she knew the train was gone, she went back to find her mother. When she found her mother, she was dead. She kept trying to get her mother up thinking she was only asleep, and then suddenly realized her mother's true fate. She cried for a while, and afterwards she went to find her father. She discovered he was also dead when she tried to get him up only to find it useless." dicho ángel who started crying.

I hugged her and then dried her tears. "What happened to the perrito, cachorro after that?" I asked.

ángel took a deep breath and said, "She went back to the junkyard to cry. She was cold, alone, and sad. She wondered what she did wrong to deserve this. She hoped that it was all just a bad dream. Unfortunately, she knew she would never wake up from it. As time passed, she had a human family, but they moved and kicked her out. Her siguiente one kicked her out because they had a new baby. The one after kicked her out because they were moving. After that, the forth family had a baby, than the fifth had an allergy. It wasn't until one día she was found por a dog and he took her into his junkyard gang. They weren't much of a family, but she felt she had no choice."

"Angel, it sounds like you're having dreams of old painful memories." I said.

“I know! It’s all my fault they’re dead! I could’ve warned my dad about the car coming and he could’ve avoided it! I could’ve helped my mom break free! But I didn’t! I just ran like a coward! Why didn’t I just save them?” dicho ángel who was crying the whole time.

I gave her a hug and wiped her tears “Angel, there’s nothing tu could’ve done. tu would’ve just been killed too. Your parents wanted tu to be seguro and gave their lives for you. It wasn’t your fault.” I said

She stopped crying and took a deep breath to calm herself down "Ever since I moved in with Scamp’s family I’ve been having these dreams. Scamp’s the only one I’ve ever told about these dreams; he’s the only one I trust. I haven’t trusted anyone in such a long time and then that goofy housedog came into my life. He’s the only real family I have now, especially since I’m probably going to lose my new family” dicho Angel.

    "You're not going to lose your new family" I said.

"Look at me! Look at the mess I've gotten myself into! I can't ever go back home! I sometimes think it would’ve been better if I had died with my parents; it wouldn’t make much of a difference in anyone else’s life" she stopped.

"You’re wrong! If it wasn’t for tu ángel I would be dead. I would’ve joined Buster’s junkyard gang, ended up in the pound thanks to Buster, and I’d be dead. If it wasn’t for tu dad never would’ve known to have come to save me. You’re a hero and truly an angel, don’t tu ever doubt that. My reason for still being alive is you” dicho Scamp who was spying on us with Patch.

"Have tu boys been spying on us this whole time?" I asked.

"Maybe-" dicho Scamp with an awkward smile.

"We woke up from the screaming and heard tu talking." dicho Patch.

"I really wanted to make sure tu were okay Angel." dicho Scamp.

ángel got out of cama and went over to Scamp, then gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Thanks Scamp." dicho Angel.

Scamp blushed; his face was redder than an apple. "You're welcome! But now that I have your attention there’s something I’ve been trying to tell you-" dicho Scamp.

"Not now, it’s late and we should all be asleep. Boys, back to bed; Angel, try to get some rest." I dicho as I went back to my room.

“I guess it can wait, besides tu need to get your sleep, goodnight Angel” dicho Scamp.

“Night tenderfoot, Patch, Chris” dicho ángel with a sly smile.

I don't think she'll be having any más problems with those dreams of hers. However, that could be because I put a spell on her to keep her from having bad dreams. Magic, don't tu just amor it?
Angel's Mother
ángel as a perrito, cachorro and her Father