Three days passed, and the kids learned the basics of being human children. I managed to clear three spare rooms for each of them to stay in. But I have to say this has really been a pain in the butt, I think they might be más trouble than their worth. I’ve been living all por myself never leaving my house for years and I’ve never really been around kids too much. I like kids but I didn’t know how much trouble they were. If it wasn’t for the fact that it was because of my magic that turned them into humans in the first place I’d probably have kicked them out on their butts. I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up. Luckily their families haven't come por my house to try to find them, not that the humans would know who they were. However I'm worried that their parents will because perros have a better sense than humans.

I was asleep until I heard a scream. I jumped out of bed. The scream seemed to come from Patch's room, so I decided to stop por his room and see how he is. "Patch are tu okay I heard a scream from in....." I paused when I saw him with red spots all over his body.

"I think I'm turning back into a puppy, but my spots are red! What's wrong with me?!" Patch asked worried.

"It's chickenpox." I sighed with relief.

"Chickenpox? I got something from a chicken? But I never chased any chickens!" Patch freaked out.

"Calm down, Patch! tu didn't get it from a chicken. It's just a normal human childhood illness. I'll take tu to a doctor to see what they recommend. tu get dressed and I'll go wake up ángel and Scamp." I explained.     I used my magic to get myself dressed, and then went to Angel's room. She was still asleep so I went to wake her up. I didn't notice at first because her hair wasn't in a ponytail and it covered most of her face, however she didn't look too good. She looked sickly pale, with a red nose, and red ears. When I woke up her eyes looked blood-shot. "Angel, are tu feeling okay?" I asked concerned.

"No, I feel awful! I’m cold, my head hurts, my forehead feels hot, I was coughing all night, and my nose is running” dicho ángel in a nasally voice.

"Sounds like you’re sick with the flu. Patch is sick too with the chickenpox, and no, he didn't get that from a chicken. Get dressed and I'll take the two of tu to the doctor, but I better wake up Scamp." I dicho as I left the room.

I can't believe I have two sick kids in one day! I went to wake Scamp up, but it turns out he was already up because he screamed my name as soon as I got to his door. I ran inside his room and I was so scared. "Scamp are tu okay? I heard tu -". I paused after I saw him. He was covered in a bright red rash, and his eyes were red. I haven't seen anything like this before, so I don't know what he has. I can't believe I have three sick kids! "...What happened to tu Scamp?" I asked in concern.

"I don't know! I feel terrible! My forehead feels hot, my nose is running, and I was coughing all night..." Scamp dicho weakly.

"Well, let me take a look." I dicho as I put my hand on his chin. I turned him from side to side so I could get a better look. I definitely haven't seen anything like this. So I told him the same thing I told ángel and Patch to do. I took a look at my magic book to see the symptoms of drinking the bottle, because I knew all of them sick in one día was más than a coincidence. As I read the book, I knew I was right; apparently it has a possibility of getting three childhood illnesses: chickenpox, the flu, and a mystery disease. Since all three of them drank the same bottle, they all got a difference disease. At least I don't have to worry about them all getting sick three times. Just as I was about to go see if they were all ready, there was a knock at the door. It was two man, two women, two dalmatians, a mutt, and pretty dog with curly brown fur. "Hello, can I help you?" I asked.

"Hello my name is Anita. This is my husband Roger, my sister Darling, and her husband Jim." dicho one of the women.

"It's nice to meet tu all, but I'm in a hurry! So, is there something important tu need to ask me?" I asked.

"Yes. We wanted to know if you've seen three puppies: one dalmatian in a red collar with a patch on his eye, a blonde dog with a rosado, rosa collar, and a mutt with a greenish blue collar" dicho Roger.

I froze, and then realized this is Scamp's, Angel's, and Patch's families. Than I snapped out of it and said, "Sorry. I haven't seen any cachorritos around here. Now I hate to be rude, but I really need to find a way to get to the doctor."

"Why do tu need to get to the doctor?" asked Jim.

"My little brothers and Pat...rick and my sister Angel... ica are sick." I said.

"Oh the poor dears, is there anything we can do to help?" asked Darling in concern.

"Not unless tu have a way to get us to the doctor." I said.

"Anita and I can take tu to the doctor in my car. We have errands to run in town anyway, so we can take tu there on our way." dicho Darling.

I couldn't refuse that offer because the only other way I can get there is on a magic carpet but not only would it be noticeable, but rule number five on the carpet lista is never have a sick person on the magic carpet. So, I accepted their offer. Scamp, Angel, and Patch came downstairs and were surprised to see who was at the door. I explained the whole thing to them. ángel was feeling so bad that she didn't even bother to put her hair into a ponytail like she usually does. I could also hear and understand what the perros were saying. Lady and Perdita could sense there was something odd about the kids because of their familiar scents, but also their motherly instincts.

"Tramp, Pongo, Perdita, I have a strange feeling I know those children" dicho Lady.

"What? But that’s impossible, we’ve never even seen those children before" dicho Tramp.

     "You're going to think I'm crazy, but they actually smell familiar to me too. Actually if I didn’t know better I’d say they were the children" dicho Perdita.

"That's ridiculous! They're human!" dicho Pongo.

"I don't know how, but it's true." dicho Perdita.

"She's right. I don’t know how but they do" dicho Lady.

“Maybe they found them in the park and played with them. They must have caught their scent” suggested Pongo.

    "I suppose so but still there’s just something about them, there’s something in their eyes that makes me think there’s something más than just that” dicho Perdita

"I think tu two are just so worried that you're imagining things." dicho Pongo.

"Well, maybe, but I'm not sure." dicho Perdita.

“I suppose that’s all there is to but I’m just so worried” dicho Lady who looked at Tramp sadly.

“Don’t worry, we’ll find them. If we managed to find them once we’ll find them again” dicho Tramp as he nuzzled up to Lady.

Anita and Darling took us to the doctor while the men and perros tried to look for the puppies. The doctor told me that Scamp has the measles and dicho to make sure that the kids got plenty of rest, fluids, chicken soup, and medicine, he dicho specifically to keep them in their rooms away from each other because they could get sicker. He also dicho to give Patch an oatmeal bath everyday for a week. All three should be feeling better and perfectly healthy in a week. I gave them bells to ring so if they need anything I can get it for them. Bad decision on my part, because I had to keep saying, "I HEARD tu THE FIRST TIME!" As the rest of the week went por they started feeling better until they became as healthy as a horse.

However as I was taking care of them something about them just had a change in me. At least once each one of them fell asleep on my shoulder as I was taking care of them. It felt like nothing I’ve ever felt before and I really loved it; I even stroked their hair while they slept and smiled. I mean even when they first got sick something inside me felt different, I was genuinely concerned and worried about them. I felt joy and even though I barely know them I suddenly feel something strong for them. I think I was completely wrong about before, I amor these kids and will never complain about them again.