-When tu started to do crossovers?
I started in 2005 with anime then began again in December of 2010 with disney crossovers. :)

-Why do tu like doing crossovers?
It keeps me entertained. ^^

-Do tu like slash crossovers?
No, I don't like homosexual pairings. ^^"

-Now, for tu is más easier to do crossovers?
It's been the same, honestly. ^^;

-Do tu thing that you're one of the best doing photoshop/crossover? BE HONEST.
I think I'm one of the Greats! :D Haha, only kidding, I think I'm up there with everyone else. Have tu seen all the fans' work? The photomanipulations on here are just lovely. <3

-You're happy in this spot?
Yes I am. ^^

-Do tu only do disney crossovers o (for example: live crossovers)?
No, I recently made a Once Upon a Time crossover with my favorito! movie ever, V for Vendetta. ^^ It consists of Ruby and the terrorist, V. :)

-Your first crossover was.. (who)?
inuyasha and Chii! Oh my God! ♥ Their relationship with one another would be well-near frustrating and annoying, like the Chobit constantly pondering about and Inuyasha's short temper to withstand it, that this couple works with and against their own flaws. xD They're perfect. <3

-Top 5 crossover couples.
Pocahontas and Kenai
Jim Hawkins and Wendy Darling
Balto and Jim Hawkings
Chel and Kuzco
Belle and Proteus

- Who is the best couple for:
*Alice: Peter Pan! I read a few artículos about how these two could come across one another, and I couldn't agree with the authors more! Peter is a young, jovial boy who causes mischief and the like, but Alice is simply a young girl looking for an escape. She goes down the rabbit hole and straight into NeverLand, where she can meet Peter Pan and the lost Boys o become captured por Captain Hook. It's a wonderful pairing if tu ask me. ^^

*Mulan: Po, the Dragon Warrior! These folks have so much in common like Pocahontas/Kenai that to tell them apart would be a difficult feat in and of itself. xD Firstly, we have Mulan, a beautiful up-and-coming Chinese woman who wants nothing más than to please her family and possibly her ancestors. Next, we have Po, a silly, mediating, talking Kung-Fu Panda who dreams of becoming one of the top, legendary Kung-Fu masters of his time. Together, they may both save China in their own right and become a fearsome duo in the eyes of Tai-Lung and Shan-Yu that to pair Po and mulan up would be the same as to invite nothing but eternal salvation to the People's Republic of China. It's a wonderful pairing that doesn't need my explanation. xD <3

*Odette: Garret. I've always loved the idea of these two together. Odette is constantly yearning for her freedom, whereas Garrett lives a quiet nomadic lifestyle with no one but Ayden, his pet falcon, to guide him. Odette, as graceful as the swan, can mend the bond between Garrett and the grudge he once held on the Kingdom of Camelot. Together, they enjoy their own bliss and one another's company, Odette having found her freedom, and Garrett having seen past his misconceptions to accept Odette into his heart.

-There's someone that tu don't like (in the spot)?
No, I like everyone here. :)