This is the part where I finally come into the story. First let me tell tu something’s about me; I’m eighteen, I’m from Kentucky, moved to New England, I live on my own, I’m kind of a loner, and if I do say so myself I’m really smart. Oh yeah, and did I mention I’m a wizard with magical powers? I’m also pretty good with magic if I do say so myself. Anyway, I woke up and walked downstairs to get some breakfast. As I walked por the downstairs hallway, I saw three little kids asleep. The kids looked like they were 10-12 years old and for some reason were naked. One was a rugged yet handsome little boy wearing a greenish blue dog collar with light brown hair and fair white skin. The segundo child was a beautiful little girl wearing a rosado, rosa dog collar with gorgeous long blonde hair that seemed as if it glow and covered most of her body, blossom rosado, rosa lips, pale skin, and a lovely rose leaf complexion. The third child was a handsome little boy wearing a red dog collar with black hair with bangs almost covering one of his eyes and fair white skin. First of all I have to say, is nothing private anymore?

    Curious, I decided to ask my crystal ball how these little kids got into my house. So I chanted, "Oh magical crystal ball, how did these three children get into my house?" At first there was no response because it never works first thing in the morning. I repeatedly knocked on the crystal ball, "HEY, WAKE UP ALREADY! I WANT ANSWERS!" I shouted, which I'm surprised didn't wake the kids up. The crystal ball showed me that I stupidly left my door open a little. I don't know how; I'm never so careless to do so. Three adorable cachorritos came into my house a brownish grey one, a blonde one, and a dalmatian. They were looking around and one of them knocked over one of my potions. They drank it and fell asleep. It turns out the potion turned them into humans, which explained why there are three naked human children wearing dog collars in my house.

    I went to get three blankets to cover them up, then grabbed a bullhorn and blew it right in their ears. They woke right up and screamed in fright. The boy with light brown hair has brown eyes, the girl has blue eyes, and the black haired boy has green eyes. Their eyes were wide open and frightened por that little fright. Although they didn’t even seem to notice that I was even there o they any of them were even human, because they were facing three different directions.

    "What a wakeup call! Oh no, we fell asleep here! They're gonna notice we sneaked out!" dicho the girl.

    "Guys, I feel strange" dicho the boy with light brown hair.

    "Me too." dicho the boy with black hair.

    "No wonder, considering tu drank something off the floor in a stranger's house." I dicho in a witty way.

    "Oh no! Guys, run!" dicho the boy with light brown hair. He tried to run on all fours, but his blanket slipped off and he tripped over.

    "Guys, how can that human understand what we're saying? Scamp, why do tu look like a human?" She paused to look at the boy with black hair. "Patch, why do tu look like a human? Why do I look like a human? What's going on?" dicho the girl stressed out.

    "First of all girly, calm down, tu look like your about to faint." I said.

    "Who are you?" asked Scamp.

    "How about the three of tu tell me who tu are and what you're doing here? Especially since tu three broke into my house and messed with my property." I asked.

    "I'm Angel, and these are my friends, Scamp and Patch. segundo we saw this fancy house in the middle of the country, which is unusual. So at night when everybody at inicial was asleep we sneaked out to see who lived here," dicho the girl.

"Now, tell me why tu drank something when tu didn't know what it was." I asked.

"Well, we were thirsty, and it looked like milk. I climbed to the cabinet, knocked it over, and we drank it" dicho Scamp.

"Then we felt strange and fainted. Can tu tell us what's going on?" finished Patch in a slightly frightened voice.

"First, my name is Chris. Secondly what tu drank was a magic potion because I'm a wizard. That potion apparently turned the three of tu into humans." I said.

"What?!" ángel gasped.

"Don't worry Angel. It might just be temporary. Now just open wide so I can determine how long it will last." I said.     

"How can tu tell?" asked Scamp

    "I can determine how long it is depending on the shade of your tongue. Now, please open wide." I said.

    The three kids opened their mouths as wide as they could. Basically, if their tongue is white, than that means it last only for a day. If it's normal pink, then that means I need to make a potion to turn them back. Anything else in between has long, unknown spans of time. Unfortunately, for all three of them it turned out normal pink. When I told them, they appeared as if they are going to faint.

    "So we're stuck like this? Dad is going to kill me! He dicho if I got into any trouble again than he'd....." Scamp faltered.

    "At least you'll be able to have a home! He'll probably send me back into the streets. It'll be the sixth family I've had kicked me out!" dicho ángel nervously.

        "You guys saw how my dad was! When he sees what I've gotten myself into, he'll not only have a cow, he's gonna have the whole barn! I-I can't go home!" dicho Patch sadly, his head hanging down.

    I went over to try to cheer them up. "Now, it'll be okay. tu can all stay with me, at least until I can turn tu back. I must warn you, it'll take time so you'll have to learn how to act like human children. That includes wearing clothing and not wearing dog collars. Scamp, Patch, I have some of my old clothes that tu can wear in my attic. Angel, I think I can turn your blanket into a dress for tu to wear. But first, you’re gonna have to take those collars off." I said.

    "I don't think we have much of an option right now, guys." dicho ángel as she takes off her collar.

    "It's not like we can go back." dicho Patch as he takes off his collar.

    "Like I have a choice." dicho Scamp as he takes off his collar.

    So I did a magic spell to turn Angel's blanket into a dress and gave Scamp and Patch some of my old clothes. All three children had their clothes magically put on. ángel wore a simple rosado, rosa dress that went to about her ankles with long white sleeves and brown boots. Her hair was so messy it went all over her face so I put her hair is a neat yet slightly messy ponytail, it made her look like such a tomboy. Scamp wore a short sleeve greenish blue shirt, blue jeans, and brown boots. Patch wore a long sleeved red collar camisa, camiseta with the sleeves pulled back to his elbows, blue jeans, and brown boots. Scamp and Patch are exactly the same size I was when I was 10-12 years old.

    "Okay, come with me and I'll get tu some breakfast, but I'm gonna have to teach tu to eat like human children" I said. Though now I’m not sure what I’m going to do, I think I’m way over my head. But what else can I do? I can’t just kick them out on their butts to go inicial with some crazy story. Their owners wouldn’t even believe them. Let’s just hope I’ll be able to find a spell that can change them back.
Angel(credit goes to Ribon95)
Me(credit goes to cromulanfav)