This is the story of me as a wizard with magical powers. I'm also the narrator of the story. But ironically, it's not even my story. This is the story of my three favorito! disney dogs: Scamp, Angel, and Patch. They're on their greatest adventure ever; they're doing something no dog has ever done before. Our story begins in a nice, lovely little park in New England, where the famous Lady and Tramp are there with their family. Their owners; Jim Dear, Darling, and Junior, took them there for a picnic. However while there weren’t paying attention, the mischievous Scamp and ángel sneaked off into the woods to have their own little adventure.

    Out of all the perros in the family they were the oddballs. They didn’t like dog shows, staying at home, staying at one place, being cooped up, o the strict rules. They must preferred having adventures and being free to be themselves. Angel, who was very grateful to be part of a family and no longer living on the streets, still felt like something was missing. She was happy but at the same times wasn’t happy. She was picked on por Scamp’s sisters, Lady and Tramp didn’t pay much attention to her like their children, except for when she was being scolded. She just felt as if she wasn’t herself there, she only felt like she was herself when she was either on an adventure o when she’s with Scamp. She’d always wonder when she’d feel like she belonged. Scamp, though is más loving and accepting of families, still doesn’t feel like he belongs. His father, while less strict, still doesn’t understand him. He feels as though he’s supposed to be someone else. Tramp is less strict but at the same time is trying to make Scamp be más what a dog is supposed to be. His mother is always criticizing what he does, trying to make him be like her basically. But Scamp refuses to be someone he’s not. His sister, just like with Angel, bully him and making feel bad because he’s different, which they think is odd and they don’t like it. Though he doesn’t want to be a calle dog, he still wants to be free somewhere out there. He just wishes there was a way to have his family and still be free. Neither of them had any friends, except each other.

    They spent their time in the woods running through the grass, climbing trees, chasing squirrels, going through mysterious caves, swimming in rivers o lakes, hiking up tall mountains, chasing the wind, watching the clouds and the sunset, and if it was really late they’d look at the moon and stars. They knew that Lady and to some extend Tramp didn’t approve of this, but they just found that making it even más of an adventure. When the y left the woods they hadn’t even noticed how late it was and that their family had already gone home. So they went back inicial just hoping they wouldn’t be too mad and that they wouldn’t notice them sneaking back. However their hopes weren’t strong enough, Lady and Tramp both noticed and weren’t very happy.

    “Where have tu two been?” asked Lady with a serious voice.

    Scamp was nervous and slightly awkward as he tried to get the words out. “We were just… well… um… in the woods” dicho Scamp very awkwardly with a crooked little smile.

    “Scamp, I don’t mind tu doing this that much, though I don’t approve of it, but I don’t like how tu two always come inicial late and worry us to death. Your mother was worried so sick she thought about going into the woods to look for tu herself. I’m very disappointed in the both of you” dicho Tramp in a serious and firm voice.

    “Dad I’m sorry, we just forgot. If tu had seen o done all the stuff we did all día tu wouldn’t pay attention to something as little as the time. It was just so much fun and….” dicho Scamp.

    Lady cut him off as she dicho “Proper house perros shouldn’t be out in the woods having adventures, they should be inicial where they’re supposed to be”

    “Maybe that’s the way tu think but to me that’s not the way it should be for everyone. Why should we have to stay out the house when there’s a great big world out there to explore” he dicho as he turned to look at the stars.

    “Yes a world full of traps and danger” dicho Lady.

    “Your mother’s right, it’s a dangerous world out there for a dog” dicho Tramp.

    Scamp turned to face his parents as he dicho “Well I’m not going to just spend the rest of my life at this house never doing anything” dicho Scamp.

    “Well I’m sorry but as long as you’re a dog you’ll have to stay here. This is where tu belong and I hate to break it to tu but that’s not going to change, unless tu can somehow change your species” scolded Tramp.

    “I suppose that just because I’m a pup I’m supposed to do whatever I’m told. Why should I? It’s my life; I should be able to decide what I do with it!” Scamp demanded.

    “Remember the last time tu thought tu should be able to make your own decisions? I ended up having to save tu from the mistakes tu made. Don’t tu think you’ve learned por now that this life of freedom isn’t the life for you?” questioned Tramp.

    “I’m not the same pup I was back then, I know family is important. But why can’t I have both family and a life of freedom?” questioned Scamp.

    “Those things unfortunately can’t mix together. That’s why I had to give up my life of freedom to be with the one I amor and start a family. For humans that maybe easy but for us it’s not to be. We’re either house perros with families o calle perros with freedom, we can’t have both” dicho Tramp.

“Why not? Why does it have to be this way? Can’t there be something más for me?” asked Scamp.

    “This is the way things are, tu can’t change it. So unfortunately I think the best thing for the both of tu is for tu never to be allowed back into the woods to explore” dicho Tramp with a firm voice.

    “That’s not fair!” cried out Scamp.

    “Don’t tu raise your voice at us young canine! What’s unfair is that we were here worrying about tu and didn’t know if tu were hurt. This is for your own good. I maybe a house dog but I did once go to the pound and I saw a dog taken into a room and he was killed. I don’t want that to happen to my only son. Can’t tu just behave like your sisters?” criticized Lady.

    “Why won’t tu two just listen for just a minute?” cried out Scamp.

    “Enough! We’re going to see Darling’s sister, who’s moving here, tomorrow. Now go to bed, it’s late” commanded Lady.

    Scamp and ángel did as they were told. ángel was silent through the whole thing and not even so much as breath too loudly. She didn’t want to cause any más trouble than they were already in. Scamp was so mad because once again they wouldn’t listen to him. Than Scamp’s sister’s; Annette, Collette, and Danielle, came and they had a look of satisfaction on their faces. They bullied them for their own reasons. For Scamp it was because he was so different; they thought he was stupid, annoying, clumsy, a mistake, and a disgrace to the family, and they always reminded him they thought that and made him believe it. With ángel it was because they were jealous of her beauty, they tried to tell themselves they were prettier than her but they knew it wasn’t true. Why she even surpassed that of their own mother, who was considered the most beautiful dog in the world por many. To make themselves feel superior they made sure that she felt bad about herself, especially when she was just like Scamp.

    “Well, well, well look what the cat dragged in” taunted Annette.

    “The two rejects of the family” comentó Collette.

    “I hope mom and dad punished you!” dicho Danielle.

    “Mind your own business tu prissy, spoiled, little brats” demanded Angel.

    “Shut up tu pathetic little pound reject!” demanded Collette.

    “Leave her alone! Why don’t tu just leave us alone? We didn’t do anything to you” dicho Scamp.

    “Yes tu did, your disgracing the family just por existing! Especially you, your stupid, pathetic, clumsy, trouble-making mistake” dicho Annette.
    “Leave him alone! Get out of here now!” demanded ángel with a growl.

    “Why don’t tu make us?” dicho Danielle.

    “Let’s see, three prissy little house perros versus a former calle dog. Now tell me who do tu think would win a fight girls?” dicho ángel with a sly smile on her face. The girls than ran out in fright than ángel turned to Scamp. “Don’t listen to them, you’re not stupid, pathetic, o a mistake. You’re clumsy and tu cause trouble but that’s it and I like that about you.” She dicho with a warm smile.

    “Thanks Angel. But why didn’t tu say anything to my parents, tu weren’t afraid at all to stand up to my sisters” dicho Scamp.

    “They’re different, I’ve lived with Buster so I’ve been able to deal with bullies. But I lost my parents when I was very small and even though they’re not my parents I want to think of them as my family. I want to give them all the amor I’ve always wanted to give mine. tu know me better than anyone and know why I feel this way, you’re the only one I’ve ever told this about and I don’t want to tell anyone else about it, it’s too painful. I still have those nightmares about it” dicho ángel in sadness.

    “This is why I ran away in the first place! They never listen and they still don’t listen! Dad hasn’t even taken me to bahía at the moon like he dicho he would! He lied to me just like he did about his past! Now he’s decided to take away something I really love! This isn’t fair!” ranted Scamp.

    “I know. I can see what tu mean but at least it’s better than Buster. I’m going to sleep, night Tenderfoot” dicho ángel with a yawn as she went off into her nice cozy bed.

    “I’ll be in cama in a minute, I want to go outside and get one last look at the moon and stars, especially since we can’t go into the woods to look at them anymore” dicho Scamp with pout. He went outside and gazed at the stars and moon. As he looked he saw a bird flying through the night sky and he couldn’t help but be envious of the bird. For the bird was free to fly wherever its corazón desired and was free to be who it was, something he desired to have más than anything. He wondered if he would yearn forever to be free and to be simple himself. He thought of how some thought he was ungrateful and wondered why he would want to leave. But he thought a bird who didn’t want to fly is the ungrateful one. Just as he was about to go inside he could hear his parents talking on the porch.

    “Pidge, this is ridiculous. We can’t even handle our own son and we have a pup that’s not even ours and we can’t control her either” dicho Tramp.

    “Well what are we supposed to do?” asked Lady.

    “Maybe we have to do what most parents have to do, give their pups away” suggested Tramp.

    Scamp was shocked por this and run inside because he couldn't bare the fact that his parents might be considering sending him away. Though the part he fear the most was how ángel would take it since she’s been through being kicked out of families before. Scamp could hardly breath and when ángel came to him he tried hard not to say anything that would upset her.

    “Scamp, are tu okay?” asked Angel.

    “Who? Me? Yeah, sure!” dicho Scamp slightly awkward but not all together suspicious.

    “Okay, well goodnight” dicho ángel as she went back to her bed.

    “Goodnight…” dicho Scamp as he went to cama thinking about how he’ll have to tell Angel.