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Hi people here's the interview!

-Since when do tu started to do crossovers?
-honestly, i don't remember, i think sometime in november o december 2011

-Do tu think that doing crossovers now is más easy for you?
-yeah, a LOT easier ^^

-Which are your parte superior, arriba 5 favorito! couples & why?
-if it's just crossovers then:

por Ribon95.

(wow, surprise xD) -i have lots of reasons, but i'll just say that i think that if they were to meet, they would share a deep and romantic relationship.

2. Sinbad/Esmeralda
por Ribon95.

-mostly cause in a way i think of them as older versions of Jim/Melody.

3. Sinbad/Jasmine.
por Ribon95.

-I amor the idea of pirate/princess XD

por Ribon95.

-they're just SO adorable! >.<

por Ribon95.

-cause they would be a really funny couple :)

-Who do tu think is the best couple for..
-Megara: Shang (they would be funny in a way, he would be all serious, and she'd be trying to get him not to be so serious xD)
por Ribon95.

-Eilonwy: no idea, only Taran really.

-Eric: Odette
por Ribon95.

-John Smith: Ariel

-There're some paring of friends/relationship that tu hate?
-It's quite obvious, Jim/Ariel, mostly cause they're SO overused, and i don't get it

-Have tu ever were doing a crossover with lot of emotion and something happened that tu closed the page o something erased your crossover? and how do tu to reacted?
-Yeah, that happened to me, and i felt like i wanted to throw my computer to the ground and break it :P

-Do tu have best friends/friends here?
-Yap, i consider most people on this club my friends^^ (not sure if they consider me their friend though)

-How many time does it take tu to do a simple crossover?
-a simple one usually takes 5-10 mins
-Do tu stil have your first crossover saved?
por Ribon95.