Here we go! Odette is a much softer gray with Eric, though not as desaturated as we'd like. Oh well, I'll mostrar tu how to cheat with that later.
Part Two for the besar Crossover. I understand that I didn't really put enough into the Pixlr part, but cheshire has a wonderful articulo about making crossovers in general that can mostrar tu Pixlr in más detail! tu can skip past this if tu are here for the continuation, this is just me blabbering. The biggest issue I do find with these crossovers is how to make it look like they are kissing, rather than eating each other. What I like to do is create a nice soft rosado, rosa color and draw on lips for the girl, if tu could not include them, so tu at least know whose mouth is whose.
A wild background appears! Click the 'layers' tab, select 'Add Layers', and open the background of your choice. Adjust it to the preferred size, then select 'Push Back', until the besar couple is brought to the front. Save this picture to your computer.
Open Pixlr in another tab. I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping Fotoflexer open in case tu need to adjust size. Click on open foto editor, and open your manip.
Here they are, cropped because I'm lazy, with a brand new background. This is when we touch up.
Here is your tool bar. I could go on for hours on how to use these tabs, but if tu hover your ratón over them , it will tell tu what they are. I like to blur the edges of my couple, perfect the coloring on their lips, and fix any bad hair issues.
Save the image once tu are satisfied, and go to the homepage. tu can shut down FotoFlexer at this point. Now, this part is only if tu are dissatisfied with the coloring. Go to 'Vintage Affects'.
subir your manip!
tu should then see your picture in this quaint little set up. tu can click the individual schemes scattered along the bottom to change the coloring, I went with 'Ramona', a person favorito! of mine. Once tu are satisfied, save the manip again.
Before Pixlr
The finished product! If tu are happy without the fancy coloring effects, go right ahead! I hope tu liked this tutorial and feel free to comentario with any criticism o questions!