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Do tu think is going to have a 3rd season?

 yumaunicorn posted hace más de un año
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afiqahsy said:
i really want the season 3. i really hoping 4 that. because i want to know how they defeat the bad guys and who will yui like in the story. i dont know and i cant choose maybe ruki o ayato. i really want to know. plus, i really amor amor amor amor amor amor amor amor this story. i really want to know the ending of this story. pleaseeeee continue the season. im begging you. i always watch this story again and again. i dont know why i cant stop watching this story. maybe the story is apart from mylife right now. once again im begging tu to continue the season 3. im really hoping for that season and there are also many fans that waiting to watch the season 3. please think about your fans who really like this story. please
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posted hace más de un año 
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