This is part 3

Kid: this girl and I need to now how to tell her without sounding stupid can tu help? (he dicho very quickly)
Liz: (in thoughts) is his really going to go for another girl? I had a really strong feeling that he liked me.....
Kid: Liz?
Liz: ( moved from her thoughts) uh yeah?
Kid: can tu help
Liz: uh... It depends.... Who is this girls tu like?
Kid: her names kitty
Liz: KITTY!?!? tu LIKE HER!?!?
Kid: yes can u please shut up
Liz: * sighs * sorry...
Kid: oh and one más thing... She knows I like her because patty went and told her
Liz: ( in thoughts ) he can't like kitty, she's not good enough for him, no way am I gonna like them go out ( out of thoughts) this is simple, just uh be mean and rude to her I know for a fact that she will get the message
Kid: be mean, to kitty?
Liz: mmm hmmm *shaking her head*
Kid: um..ok ( looking a bit nevose )
Liz if tu have any más preguntas , feel free to ask. * big grin *
Kid: * noddes and leaves*
Liz: hopefully she will start to stay away from him

Part 4 commin soon