As kid walked through the rain to his house he shared with liz͵ patty and the new girl Alice ; makas cousin .his face began to heat up as he thought of the girl.then he heard a kitten he turned to face the creature." Why kitten why are tu out in this rain?" He spoke he reached down to pet the head of the kitty a rosado, rosa glow came off the little body and rapped around kid.when he opened his eyes a girl stood towering over him." Thank tu i am now free from the curse .now you'll stay like this until a girl who loves tu frees you" kid was confused. Stay as what? He thought. He reached up to scratch his head instead of his soft hair he felt ears .cat ears! He looked up at the girl with fearce hate ."you have 7 days" she dicho as she walked away kid had no idea what to do then he heard Alice's voice" oh no kitty tu shouldnt be out here on a día like this .your coming inicial with me." Kid allowed her to gently pick him up and hold him in her arms he loved how close he was to her .slowly he began to purr out of instinct."ill name tu death the kitty .becase tu look like my friend death the kid .he has stripes on his head to." Maybe this isnt so bad kid began to think to himself.