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Sonicishot posted on Jan 16, 2011 at 02:12PM
Alright, To be honest, I'm turning into Mello. The problem is that he dosen't go crazy when he dosen't have chocolate, but I do!! It's a different side-affect each time! It's either my tounge burns, I turn into a phsyco path, or I turn into a complete clutz. What do I do? :O

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hace más de un año rosie_nightshad said…
uh...well...try like chocolate milk! its technically it might help somewhat...but if all else fails, DO NOT. I repeat, DO NOT, kidnap some guys daughter JUST to get a note book and see a shinigami, get the side of ur face blown off and yada just yes, if all else fails...well...Im no doctor but I'd say find the nearest anime con and cosplay as Mello...maybe u'll win something for acting so much like him with the chocolate addiction!