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pinkiepie213 posted on Nov 11, 2014 at 11:58PM
Here's my OC (( original character ))
Name: Julie Penber
Age: 20
Friends/Family: Ray Penber; Older brother
Hobby/Job: I'm a New York Detective, Unlike my brother, I wasn't on the Kira case. I was researching something a little less importiant. The researchers I worked with called it " the shinigami case " A case that was a little on the supernatural side. But, I quit that case when my brother died. I had to figure out what the hell was going on. I took the Kira case.
Crush: L
Bio: I was Ray Penber's younger sister, and I was a little more careful and cautious than he was. One day, My older brother said that he had an importiant case in Japan. When I had heard that he had ever come back to America, I decided to take on the Kira case myself to avenge his death and get my revenge. I decided to work for L, the leader of the local police task force of Tokyo, Japan.

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hace más de un año Charlios said…
((What does your character look like?))
Hobby/job:I'm a Shinigami hunter, i have a special gun with special bullets that help me kill shinigamis, then I destroy there Death notes so they cause no harm to the world
Bio:To be discovered

(( This is how she looks like, she dyed her hair pink when she was little))
 ((What does your character look like?)) Name:Unknown Alias:Crimrose Age:17 Friends/family:Unknown
hace más de un año Charlios said…
((Wanna start?))
hace más de un año pinkiepie213 said…
Mk here's what Julie looks like: link

Julie, aka, Ravenclaw, (( lol SRRY I love Harry potter!!! XD )) was walking towards the Japanese police task force office to see where L an near were. She had a very importiant message to tell them about. Suddenly, she saw a black book with the words DEATH NOTE on the front cover. She froze. Is this the book that her older brother was talking about? She slowly backed away, then ran as fast as she could to the police office, where L and Nea were waiting.
Charlios commented…
Nea? hace más de un año
pinkiepie213 commented…
lol Imeant NEAR!!! XD hace más de un año
hace más de un año Charlios said…
Crimrose was also heading for the japanese police office, she had some things to talk about with L and Near, she saw Julie running and followed her, quietly and with the agility of a cat
hace más de un año pinkiepie213 said…
Julie headed into the police office and asked to see L And near (( DUDE * BRRROOFIST* ))
hace más de un año Charlios said…
Up stairs, in the room were L and Near were, a window had been opened and Crimrose had came in, closing the window behind her and sneaking in, hiding in a......CLOSET ((The most unsespecting place to hide XD))
hace más de un año pinkiepie213 said…
Julie smashed through the door." L, Near, i have some importiant news."
hace más de un año Charlios said…
Near:What is it?
hace más de un año pinkiepie213 said…
Julie froze." do you guys have strawberry cake?! :3 "
hace más de un año Charlios said…
L:Maybe, why?
Crimrose was listening to them, but getting bored
Her thought:When are they talking about that Kira guy?
hace más de un año pinkiepie213 said…
Julie smiled." cuz it's my favorite...." (( btw srry im a little late! computer ban...))
hace más de un año pinkiepie213 said…
Heres a pic of Julie that i made on
BTW she wears glasses!! XD
 Heres a pic of Julie that i made on BTW she wears glasses!! XD