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Lani27 posted on Jun 01, 2012 at 09:17AM
So, basically, you start off with a question that challenges the rules of Death Note.

Questions can be something like:
How would you kill someone who was never named (using a death note)?

Then, the person after you will try and answer the question with a theory of their own. They will also come up with another question for the next person to try and answer.

The next person then tries to answer the question, etc, etc.

Bonus: Rate the answer above you! (?/10)

Have fun!

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hace más de un año Lani27 said…
My question:
How would you kill someone who was never named (using a death note)?
hace más de un año Nevermore_ said…
Even if they were never named they must go by something right? If they do you could write that, even if it's not an official name. If not, maybe drawing a picture of them?

What if you write your own name in the death note and in the details specify that you will go to heaven?
hace más de un año Lani27 said…
(Yes, someone answered!)

It's impossible for someone to go to heaven if they used the Death Note, so they would end up in Mu (nothingness), instead, thinking that they went to heaven.

If a shinigami killed someone (that was going to murder someone) (eg. Rem and Gelous killed to save Misa), but not on purpose, would they die or not?
hace más de un año Nevermore_ said…
(lol, sure did ^_^)

I think that they would, simply because it still lengthened someones life and changed their destiny, whether they meant to do it or not.

If a person looses their death note on accident, but doesn't disown it and no one else finds it, do they still see the Shinigami?
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hace más de un año L_the_Shinigami said…

In the death note rules, it states that even if nobody finds the note, that within, 23 I believe, days, that they will simply lose memory of it and not see the shinigami owner.

What happens if a person fills the death note wwith names where there is no more room?