dean winchester Dean 10in10 icono Contest [Round 6: Open - Deadline EXTENDED until we have más participants]

twilighter4evr posted on Jan 15, 2013 at 10:07PM
I run several of these contests on various spots here and thought I'd try one here.

- I'll post 4 different Themes, a Category (3 icons), Artist's Choice (3 icons)
- Icons have to be made by you.
- You can't also choose the Episode two times in a row.
- No more then two participants can have the same episode at once.
- Don't vote for yourselves.
- Every round will last 10 days.
- Icons must be 100x100, 200x200 etc..

1 participation prop
2 for each theme
3 for Category
3 for Artist's Choice

Round 1:
1.Smile: link
2.+Castiel: link
3.Border: link
4.Right: link
Category:Black & White link
Artist's Choice: link

Round 2:
1.Sepia: link
2.+a Demon: link
3.Large Text: link
4.Center: link
Category:First, Middle & End: link
Artist's Choice: link

Round 3:
1.Username: link
2.Kiss: link
3.Left: link
4.Fake Background: link
Category:Valentine Colors link
Artist's Choice: link

Round 4:
1.Hug: link
2.Black & White +1 Color: link
3.Funny: link
4.Blend: link
Category: Episode Quotes link
Artist's Choice: link

Round 5: 
1.+ Impala 
3.Half of Face 
Category:Favorite Scenes (3 Icons) 
Artist's Choice: (3 Icons)

Round 6: 
1.Black & White Focus 
2.+an Angel 
4.Episode Title 
Category:Green & White (3 Icons) 
Artist's Choice: (3 Icons) 

*Any Questions Message Me*

Deadline: ?

Round 3 Sign Ups:
KarinaCullen - "Slice Girls" (Completed)
justNikhere - It's a Terrible Life" (Completed)
twilighter4evr- "What Is and Never Should Be" (Completed)

Round 4 Sign Ups:
justNikhere - "Trial and Error"(Completed)
shine0n - 'My Bloody Valentine" (Completed)
KarinaCullen - "We Need to Talk About Kevin" (Completed)
Ledger_m - "Mystery Spot"(Completed)

Round 5 Sign Ups:
KarinaCullen - "Pilot"(Completed)
justNikhere - "I Know What You Did Last Summer"(Completed)

Round 6 Sign Ups:
KarinaCullen - "A Little Slice of Kevin" (Completed)
shine0n - "On the Head of a Pin" (Completed)
justNikhere - "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid"
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