Dean Koontz Deans Best Book??

Dominator posted on Apr 29, 2007 at 10:11PM
I have only started reading Dean recently but my favorite book so far has to be

"The Taking"

Great novel with non-stop action..


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hace más de un año Dominator said…
Don't get me wrong, the 'Odd' Trilogy (as it stands atm) is fantastic!!! I have just read Brother odd and loved it..

hace más de un año swedin2 said…
I love the Christopher Snow books. So far there is "Fear Nothing" and "Seize the Night." The third, which as of now is titled "Ride the Storm" has not been completed yet. I am anxiously awaiting it. But most of Dean's books are amazing, and I love so many of them. "Watchers" is another top one for me.
hace más de un año DaviDDii said…
"Lightening" by far.
hace más de un año HighwayCreature said…
I'm a big fan of "Night Chills".