Deadpool; my all time favorito! Marvel character, I waited years for this to happen and finally director Tim Miller made it happen. I just watched it a few days back and I wanna share my thoughts on the film.
For those who haven't watched the film; I will be stating everything that is from the film, so I hope my "SPOILERS" wouldn't ruin your mood on the film; o tu could just leave this page now. Lol.

I absolutely loved it; seeing my number 1 Marvel character come to life was one of the best things I could have wished for, I've been lectura Deadpool's comics since I was 5 and none of the other Marvel characters hit me as hard as Deadpool did.

I would refer this film as a Comedy más than Action, the film was really hilarious and I laughed hard at the cinemas.
I would give it; Four-stars
As the action in the film was really exciting as well, but the jokes are hilarious as f*ck!
The only downside of the film is that it was a really short film with a simple Girlfriend-rescue, but at least Deadpool's humor made the whole thing fun to watch.

There were a few parts of the film which I caught that was seriously familiar, I know I've seen them somewhere. Where else? The comics, where else could I've seen them?

For those who have watched the film, tu would know what I'm talking about.

Remember the part when Wade (Deadpool) did a job for a teenage girl about a pizza boy that was stalking her?
This is the comic version:

Deadpool (2008) Issue #15

Yeah, I know; he's más cold-blooded in the comics.

siguiente is when Deadpool attacks Colossus, which he broke both of his hands and broke a leg por kicking and slapping Colossus. lol this part was really funny.
This is the comic version:

Deadpool (2008) Issue #18

Instead of using his hands and legs, he headbutts Colossus; which didn't end well. Lol.

I really like that they also added some of Deadpool's friends into the film such as:


Blind Al

Some of tu may think "What the hell has Colossus became?" Yeah, Colossus seems to act differently from the X-Men films; The not-so-serious attitude, the Russian accent, even the size!
Well don't be disappointed, this REALLY is Colossus; he is a Russian mutant born on a Soviet collective farm called the Ust-Ordynski Collective near Lake Baikal in Siberia.
Some of tu may not like this Colossus o some of tu may amor it, for me; I prefer Colossus this way.

Colossus and Deadpool in Deadpool (2016)

If tu have seen the comics, tu might know who Wade's girlfriend is (Vanessa). Young mutant shape-shifter Vanessa Carlysle fell into a life of prostitution in Boston (Copycat).

I know, she look really human in the film. But who know what lies ahead for us in the Deadpool franchise.

One of the biggest opposites from the film and the comics is that; from the comics nobody likes Deadpool, and the X-Men would never recruit him even if he wanted to registrarse them. In the film Colossus work so hard just to get Deadpool to registrarse the X-Men but Deadpool doesn't want to registrarse them, stating: "I don't have time for your X-Men bullshit, Colossus!"
But who knows maybe in the siguiente film he joins the X-Men but pisses them off and get cast out?

One of the things that I amor so much about this film is that Deadpool would talk about "outside" of the film; even though it's a movie but Deadpool screws around with "Real-life events" in the film.
Just like when Colossus drags Deadpool to their ship.
Colossus: "You will gonna talk with professor Xavier."
Deadpool: "McAvoy o Stewart? I find these parallel universes so confusing."
Referring to the 2 actors who played professor Xavier in the X-Men films.

The other is when Deadpool goes to Xavier's school to look for Colossus for help.
Deadpool: "Wow, this is such a big house, but it's only the two of tu here. It's like the studio didn't have enough money for another X-Men movie."

There's más like;
Deadpool: "So por now you're probably thinking "Whose balls did I have to fondle to get my own movie"? I'll give tu a hint - it rhymes with polverine. And he's got big ones."

And the main reason why this film is so much más interesting than other Marvel films, is that it shows blood-gore, and languages. Unlike other Marvel films which tries to keep it PG.
Deadpool: "Finish fucking her the fuck up."
Colossus: "Language please, Deadpool."
Deadpool: "Oh, suck a cock."

Last but not least; after the credits (Yup, I stayed till the credits ended.) there was a scene, well most people know that as most Marvel film has them.
Deadpool: "You're still here? It's over. Go home!"
But the main reason for this was to tell us that the Deadpool sequel is gonna have Marvel's time traveler "Cable". Cable is one of the character that works with Deadpool the most, in the comics and even in the Deadpool game (PS3).

Oh, and here's a little secret; Cable's real name is Nathan Summers, he is Scott Summer's son from the future! Remember Cyclops from X-Men? Mind-blown huh!

Not to mention, the song fits the film so perfectly!
I would like to point out más but I thought I should just point the main parts of the film. Some of tu may see this film differently with me, so it be cool if tu guys would share your thoughts in the comentario section o publicar your Opinion for us to read.

Stan Lee is also in the film, but I wouldn't want to spoil the fun in buscar for him to those who haven't seen the film.

Thank tu for reading, it would be nice if tu guys fan this article. Thank tu again!

Can't wait for the siguiente Deadpool film!