Hey,hey,hey! here im going to start off how i reacted to this episode,though it will not be like what i did in the Little Busters club (well,i had writer's block when i wrote those...),though i will still do it like some kind of lista since i cant really just directly react since this is not an actual video like tu Tube reviewers,also,i think i will leave out the parts where i didnt react that much,so i will be skipping those...but anyway,lets start:

Newbies- Higher ups? well,the only thing i can say about them is that i do not like them one bit...and so we mover on to Diva,at first i was like "oh,is she going to be one of those nice/sweet anime girls types?" because of the way she reacted when she heard Shido amongst the dimness of the arena,but i was totally wrong (kind of)...and let me tell you,i was really surprised with that...seriously,i had my mouth open in shock...and even más when i saw how she reacted to the AST,aaaaand we now know that she's one of the yuri types (i dont mind yuri btw :P)...wow

Schoolgirls everywhere- bing bing bing,hey,guess who joined the League of Spirit Transfer Students? that's right Miku Izayoi a.k.a. Diva...now what do i think of this? well,im pretty used to this happening...but since she knows Shido,well it might be a bit of a threat for him,also...random comentario i didnt say before...Yoshino! why cant tu just go to middle school o something instead of being a...a...a neet!

Rule 63- yeah,well,its not exactly genderswap por magic o whatever though,just cruzar, cruz dressing- the stuff that happens on almost all anime,but tu know? i was also completely shocked por Shido's transformation! i mean,i actually publicado pics of 'her' and Miku even if dont exactly know its actually him! i honestly thought it was his sister,Mana...dangit and i was waiting for her entrance too...but just...Whoa...but i dont really like the voice,its still a bit boyish (and i suppose its still the same seiyuu?) but can they at least get an actual temporary female seiyuu? ugh...reminds me so much of Kampfer...

oh,another misceláneo thing...you dicho it Kotori,Miku the yuri girl-though why didnt tu just do the job yourself? o send an agent of yours?-oh,right,sealing powers,nevermind-...she is a viper...really,i was genuinely frightened of her that i squeezed my almohada tight and hid...yeah,she's like Kurumi in some ways,but somehow i find myself impacted por her,i wanted to seriously skip to the far end just to see how it will go,because really...the suspense of her finding out 'Shiori' is actually a guy and freaks out,making the world crumble,but yeah,i suppose tu dont feel the same way as me and marked me as "overreacting",right?

...and so ends my bla bla bla-ing...oh,how i wish Shiori was actually a separate real character...or is actually Mana *sigh* well! i might make a short fanfiction/oneshot using her someday...maybe a crossover with amor Live School Idol Project?.........wait no! scratch that! throw it in the incinerator! that's too dangerous! making Miku go there? ha! no way! there are pretty much almost all girls there! *shoves Maki and the other's away*