Dark Shadows Was Willie Possibly A Collins?

haydensterling posted on Jun 30, 2011 at 08:30PM
barnabas always says that his ancestors closely resemble each other, and both carl and desmond look, um, just like willie!

do you think it's possible that willie was from some black sheep branch of the family, or was maybe even illegitimate?

i was listening to to the commentary, john karlen says that willie is 'poor white trash from the south'--maybe some collinses split in the early 1900's and went to louisiana!

i've been wondering for a while now why willie would be two collinses in the past and a cousin (as kendrick, right?) too if he weren't collins blood in some way.

anyone have any thoughts?

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hace más de un año DSfan3 said…
No....Willie wasn't related to any other character. There
were only a few actors that had to play different roles
when the story went from one century to another.
Some actors were supposed to be their own ancestors
(the Collins family) while others like Willie, Dr. Hoffman
didn't. Although, Ben and Hallie Stokes did play their
ancestors. You'll have to watch and you'll understand.