Dancing With The Stars (Updated) Which pair of Dancing with the Stars champions is your favorite?

Pick one:
Kelly and Alec (Season 1)
Drew and Cheryl (Season 2)
Emmitt and Cheryl (Season 3)
Apolo and Julianne (Season 4)
Helio and Julianne (Season 5)
Kristi and Mark (Season 6)
Brooke and Derek (Season 7)
Shawn and Mark (Season 8)
Donny and Kym (Season 9)
Nicole and Derek (Season 10)
Jennifer and Derek (Season 11)
Hines and Kym (Season 12)
JR and Karina (Season 13)
Donald and Peta (Season 14)
Melissa and Tony (Season 15)
Kellie and Derek (Season 16)
Amber and Derek
Meryl and Maks (Season 18)
Alfonso and Witney (Season 19)
 HoltNLucy4Ever posted hace más de un año
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