Elijah walked through the woods. After some bickering with Rebekah they had agreed it would be safest if one of them, Rebekah, would stay behind and man the headquarters, while the other, Elijah, would go back to Esther’s grave.
He removed the stone and climbed downstairs. Two coffins were still closed. Elijah walked to the coffin that stood on the left side of his. He opened it and revealed the body of his oldest brother Finn.
Elijah slowly removed the dagger. While Finn slowly regained his life force, Elijah walked to the only closed coffin left. He opened it and gazed at the undead body of his youngest brother Kol. This time he hesitated. Kol had a temper. He was a vampire through corazón and soul.
But Elijah was honorable and he figured it not only unfair, he also felt it would be some kind of betrayal. Family meant everything to him. He removed the dagger.
“Elijah” Finn dicho hoarse.
“Go straight to the Salvatore Boarding House. I’m sure you’ll be able to find it. Rebekah will be there, waiting for you” Elijah answered without turning around “She’ll explain everything. I will prepare Kol”
“Prepare me for what?” Kol snapped. “The only thing I need to be prepared for is kill Nik and for that I’ve had a thousand years”
“Please, Finn, all will be made clear” Elijah pleaded.
“I suppose my only choice is to trust you” Finn replied and he ran out of the grave.
“As for you” Elijah continued to Kol. “I’m glad tu still have that same fierceness. We’re going to need it”
“Why?” Kol asked angry.
“Let’s just say you’ve missed a great deal of what happened in this little town” Elijah replied mysterious.