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First things first calm down, and don't hate me for just being honest with my opinion.

I'm sorry guys to break it to tu p, but we are the fans service not SE, and here's why SE whether we like o not had a real reaplationship heavy on "real" but they did non the less this relationship went on for 3 YEARS, a relationship no matter how twisted, stuiped, cheesey, unrealistic it looked and felt like, is still was the main lasting "love" story (unlike caroline with Matt & Tyler o Jeremy with Anna p & Bonnie) their relationship stayed strong no matter how much we didn't want it to be.

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I'm a massive fan of Delena, always have been. No switching from one ship to the other for me. I've shipped them from the end of 1x03, and I kept on believing it would all work out through some of their darkest and worst times. I watched as other fans took fright and disappeared, o lost hope and became embittered, and I never gave up. I even wrote an articulo on why DE deserved to be endgame. I still believe they deserve to be endgame. But here's the thing; I am kind of disappointed with what the writers have done to Delena this season. I know that in all epic amor stories, every couple must...
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I asked myself why the Elena from the TV mostrar is so different from the Elena from the books. In the books, Elena is a spoiled highschool queen at the beginning of the story and stays very bossy throughout the books, while Katherine is a docile and obedient Renaissance girl, until she becomes insane. And one reason for this change in the characters could be that it is easier to mostrar Delena’s development as twin flames. Because although it is not dicho like in the books, all of the parallels of DE in the show, the fact that they are so much alike ("She already IS like me.") and everything else...
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 fan art por DarkAvenger
fan art by DarkAvenger
For several years now, the writers have developed the curious habit of kicking DE fans in the backside every time we get our hopes up. (Think of the ending of 3x19.) This has never been más apparent than now. For weeks, leading up to 4x04 a certain Mr Joshua Butler has sang the praises of DE in the episode, teasing us of seemingly great things, sending our imaginations into over-drive, so that when 4x04 finally arrived, the fandom was wild with expectation. Well, how could we help it? If any lessons can be learned from the anti-climax of 4x04, it's that we should be más discerning of what...
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hola guys, I don't know if tu know this but Damon and Elena's 1 año anniversary since they first met is coming up (according to the shows timeline) and we're going to celebrate it over on Twitter por attempting a very special trend. So if tu have Twitter and are available at the time below please come over and try to help us.
We are trending "Damon Elena Anniversary" on 10/27 (Thursday)


2pm EST, 11am PST, 8pm European Time, 7pm UK & 3pm Brazil

Hope to see tu guys over there :]
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(If you're wondering why this is in the Delena spot, it's because a good half of it deals with the effect that Klaroline has on Delena. Am I overthinking this?)

So why exactly is Klaroline so popular? Is anyone else confused about this sudden craze? Now I'm sure that this article, like most of mine, will be very controversial. In particular because many Delena shippers are also Klaroline shippers.

So I'm going to start this articulo por saying very clearly that there is nothing wrong with Klaroline o shipping Klaroline. Heck, I don't like them canonically but I do amor them in fanfiction. There...
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Klaus compelled Stefan to feed on Elena once the clock was on zero. When the clock was on zero, Stefan stabbed himself, to slow himself down, to give Elena a fair chance to run. It was a noble, and selfless act, but it was not resisting compulsion. When Klaus compelled Stefan to turn off his emotions, and to feed from Elena, Stefan did. He DID turn off his emotions, and he DID feed from Elena.

Damon allowed, ORDERED Jeremy to kill him when he was compelled to kill him. He’d rather sacrifice his own life, instead of taking Jeremy’s, because he knows how much Jeremy means to Elena.

So, Stelena shippers who believe Stefan loves Elena more, because of their stupid ‘compulsion theory’, can shove that theory right up their ass, because it’s a load of crap!
The Vampire Diaries that started off as one of the biggest hits on televisión reached a milestone on 23rd of January with its 100th episode airing. It was an emotional moment for loyal fans. But did the storyline really pay off? Ambivalence everywhere.
Criticism and objections are the rooms of the house that is freedom of speech. And every escritura (novels, books, shows o cine even songs and music) has that house. fans are allowed to contest and pregunta a writer's choice and intellect. So while the 100th episode won points in some hearts, it gained resentment in others.

I'll start with my...
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