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This Damon & Elena arte de los fans might contain concierto.

~ Chapter 3 ~

Both Stefan and Elena were broken out of their thoughts at his voice and there was silence before Stefan finally started after a deep sigh, 'Maybe tu should sit down, Damon'

Elena eyes were burning with tears and her eyes were fixed on Damon as if, if stopped looking, her corazón wouldn't continue beating. Damon made his way over to the naranja sofá n sat down with his elbows on his knees. She could smell him. Elena could breathe in the scent of the coconut shampoo, the fresh smell of his body wash, the scent aroused her, she took in a deep sigh and it took everything in her to...
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Note: This is a contingency article! I don't care if tu don't want to read it, JUST PLEASE DO! K? THANKS <33

When it comes to ships like Damon and Elena, there's one thing everyone is sure of; their journey will not be easy, it will not be calm, it will not be cushy o effortless. Rather its the complete opposite, its hard and strenuous. As opposed to other couples that meet and fall in amor the siguiente day. Where is the angst? Where is the story? Where are the 'sweaty palms', as Kevin would say?

I know Damon and Elena have had their fair share of angst and heartbreaks, but keep in mind this...
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What Klaus dicho to Damon in the cell during those two scenes really played on my mind over and over. The first scene was the one about what Damon says to Elena that's made her fall for him and the segundo scene being the one where Klaus was shattering Damon's corazón about his fears of losing Elena to Stefan again and him not being able to live up to Stefan. In both those scenes I got really annoyed with Klaus but after watching them over and over I found that each scene could easily be used to mock and laugh at Klaus because of how incapable of amor he is and how he can't seem to grasp the feeling...
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I was thinking about this earlier today and it clicked to me that Stelena’s amor story has been a complete joke for a very long time. The writers really have screwed them up royally, but in my opinion I think they have been screwing them up badly since season 1. They have made SE just seem like an obstacle for DE all this time. What you’re about to read further down shows that Stelena has gotten to the point of being constantly mocked on the mostrar because of the continuous contradictions and hypocritical moments and words shared between both S and E, especially the nonsense that comes out...
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 fan art por DarkAvenger
fan art by DarkAvenger
For several years now, the writers have developed the curious habit of kicking DE fans in the backside every time we get our hopes up. (Think of the ending of 3x19.) This has never been más apparent than now. For weeks, leading up to 4x04 a certain Mr Joshua Butler has sang the praises of DE in the episode, teasing us of seemingly great things, sending our imaginations into over-drive, so that when 4x04 finally arrived, the fandom was wild with expectation. Well, how could we help it? If any lessons can be learned from the anti-climax of 4x04, it's that we should be más discerning of what...
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 fan art por nian13
fan art by nian13
After watching the amazing "I remember everything" 4x01 scene and Damon's awesome speech defending his decision to save her first, even if Matt had died, something has been playing on my mind that I wanted to write about and share with you.
Elena's logic about Stefan respecting her because he listened to her, whereas Damon is selfish and couldn't let go doesn't make sense.
Quick re-run of 3x22: Elena values Matt's life before her's, and her decision is for Matt to be saved first, even if it means she dies in the process. Stefan doesn't like this. He wants to save Elena first, not Matt, but...
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Just want to say a big thank tu to everyone who reads, comentarios and supports my articles. Your encouragement and feedback mean a lot to me. I wish I wrote the mostrar so I could write the ending tu all want.

So, the word from Spoiler Central seems to have a lot of DE shippers fearing the worst: that Elena will either run back to Stefan as if 3x19 had never even happened, o that she will choose NOT to choose: in other words, that she will refuse to make a decision regarding the brothers and opt to be alone. Now, at one point, I'll confess that from one interview statement Ian made about the finale,...
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Julie plec has dicho " Sometime in this season Elena Will Wake smiling back at a shirtless Damon in her bed." Kevin Williamson Has also Qouted " well, see after we shot the kiss scene we thought we should have Elena and Damon confront Damon alone and they end up doing something she regrets." Julie Plec has not announce hat episode this will be in but the script has been written but waiting to be shot on camera. Ian writes in his face-book account " When I heard about this scene I as saying Wow it has been a while since I did Sex Scene and For Damon and Elena this is something I been expecting for a while .I mean it's in the Damn book. LOL."

We all our waiting for this EPIC Scene!
 credit: jayrathbonegirl
credit: jayrathbonegirl
This articulo is dedicated to everyone who reads my artículos and leaves feedback, especially: HaleyDewit, eve_k, simplyDelena, traceypharm, BuffyAngel101, manonx, Delena4eva, loveofdelena, Delena_Fan, Nutika, DelenaLove1, iceprincess7492, NateHeartSerena, STEFIdi, laurenrules334, TheWuzzy, DelenaDiaries, JerseyGirlBritt, delenadarti and twinflames. Thank tu so much for your comments, encouragement and support. This one's for you, I hope tu enjoy it!

It was just an ordinary día when I logged onto fanpop to see what was going on. When I looked at people's posts on the wall, I was shocked. What...
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So, the rumor mill is starting up about a supposed Damon/Katherine sex scene, and 99% of DE fans are FRAKIN OUT.
But personally, even if there is one, it's not going to be a big deal. Why tu ask? Well, let's look at the facts.
There is the possibility that this scene would be a flashback, therefore-no need to worry there.

Then there is the possibility that it is in the present. Now, if tu remember back in 3x05 when Damon and Katherine made out, Damon says, "You just don't do it for me anymore." and I really don't think the writers were just trying to throw us DE fans a bone here- I think that...
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Guys, I've seen a lot of freaking out over the last episode. I think lots of DE fans are worried but I don't see why. For me the nail in the coffin for SE was last episode. Stefan used one of the worst moments in Elena's life against her...just to gain the upper hand on Klaus. I'm not even going to get into what he did and how I feel about it o even compare it to what Damon did in 2x20. But I get why he tried to do it(he didn't have to do it, he could have returned inicial at the end of 3x09 and not plot his revenge against Klaus, keeping everyone save in the first place. He wouldn't have to...
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"I'm not sure if she was put in the position to kiss him (Damon) what she would do. I feel like she has high morals, and she loves Stefan, and it's always been Stefan," says Nina Dobrev as reported on DigitalSpy: link

Now, before everyone starts cursing, crying, o thinking there's absolutely no hope for the DE fandom, stop for a moment. Take a deep breath. While Nina may be right in being uncertain of whether Elena would kiss Damon while she was with Stefan, take Stefan OUT of the picture, and tu have a completely different out-look. In a relationship, Elena would never cheat. But if SE broke...
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