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 There is something going on between the two of us, and tu know it.
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This Damon & Elena arte de los fans contains signo, cartel, texto, pizarra, and letrero. There might also be salón, sala de estar, sala de dibujo, sala de estar, salón, sala, living comedor, and habitación frente.

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The segundo part of parallels I've compiled, taking quotes/scenes from Season 2, and a few from Season One.

Damon: It would suck if that was gone forever so...is it? Have I lost tu forever?

Elena: And the answer to your pregunta is...yes. tu have lost me forever.
(2X03 'Bad Moon Rising')

Elena: I'm here until the very end. I'm not leaving you.
(2X22 'As I Lay Dying')

Damon (Before he feeds Elena his blood): I can't lose you.
Elena: tu won't.
(2x20 'The Last Day')

Damon (Before he bites Elena and drinks her blood):I have to, if we are to be together forever.
(2x22 'As I Lay Dying')

"You know, I really...
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Damon: “I do believe you, you’re too good for my brother. My brother, is a fool. He thinks that because tu look like Katherine you’re weak and easily led like her. But he’s wrong. I could feel your anger from the other side of town. I can feel it now, a white light like the desert sun. tu have strength, Elena, even as tu are. But tu could be so much stronger…”

I think this quote pretty much outlines how Stefan wants to keep Elena locked away from the realities of life, not being able to make her own decisions and therefore feeling suficated. Elena loves Stefan, but Damon is the...
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