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 There is something going on between the two of us, and tu know it.
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This Damon & Elena arte de los fans contains signo, cartel, texto, pizarra, and letrero. There might also be salón, sala de estar, sala de dibujo, sala de estar, salón, sala, living comedor, and habitación frente.

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Lately, the DE fanbase has been overflowing with fear. 'Will Bamon become a reality? How much of a threat is Katherine? Have the producers dropped DE? Will this new gal Rose mess up DE even more?' Couldn't we have one shred of good news for a change? A nice episode still? A new webclip? Nope. Nothing. Not even the trailer for 2X06/07 had any DE in it. And then came the apparent put-down por Julie Plec to DE fans on Twitter which was stunning in its tactlessness.

Myridehome: I take comfort in knowing that both @kevwilliamson and @julieplec find the ardent Delena following baffling.
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