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jacky_ posted on Apr 12, 2012 at 07:18AM
I really liked the idea by Lie_to_Me_123 on the TV couples spot so I decided that we can do something similar on here.


The challenge is simple. Begin with answering question N:1 then on the next day continue answering N:2.Keep this up untill you are done with all of the questions.

It isn't nessessary to do this challenge with all 30 days in a row.You can take breaks =)

Adding pictures and links is allowed.

Day 1: The episode in which you first started to ship DE?
Day 2: Favourite DE season?
Day 3: Favourite DE episode?
Day 4: Favourite DE quote?(book quotes are allowed)
Day 5: Favourite place where DE scenes happen?
Day 6: Favourite Damon and Elena shipper from the show?
Day 7: Worst DE episode?
Day 8: Favourite song which has played during a DE scene?
Day 9: A song which reminds you of DE?
Day 10: A character in TVD who doesn’t seem to like the idea of DE being together?
Day 11: Biggest DE cockblocker?
Day 12: Favourite picture of DE?
Day 13: DE’s best dance yet?
Day 14: Most heartbreaking DE scene?
Day 15: Funniest DE scene?
Day 16: Favourite DE fan video?
Day 17: A quote which reminds you of DE?
Day 18: Biggest cast shipper of DE?
Day 19: Sexiest DE scene?
Day 20: Favourite DE parallel?
Day 21: Something which has become a DE thing?
Day 22: Favourite DE “I love you” scene?
Day 23: Favourite DE “jealousy” scene?
Day 24: A reason why you ship DE?
Day 25: Favourite DE dream/hallucionation?
Day 26: Favourite roadtrip?
Day 27: Favourite DE web page? (It can be a tumblr, twitter page, facebook page etc)
Day 28: Favourite DE fan fiction? (If you haven’t read any, answer this --> Your dream DE scene? )
Day 29: How do you see DE 2-5 years from now?
Day 30: A reason to believe that DE will be endgame?

If you have any questions send a PM ;)

Let's begin!

When you finish the Challenge you will be awarded with 30 props ❣
If you complete the challenge send me a msg to let me know ;)
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