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TVD Fanfic?

hola girls, i was just wondering if there's anyone interested in lectura a fanfic that i've started work on? its a Delena fic based off "Phantom of the Opera" movie with Damon as the Phantom and Elena taking on Christine Daae's role... its also based on the sequel play "Love Never Dies" so yes, even though at the end of POTO, Christine gets married to Raoul de Chagny who is gonna be played por Stefan its still going to have a Delena ending... i've got the cast lista ready and the first chapter will be publicado on soon so let me know and i'll post the link on the spot, if not then its totally cool.... there's also the secondary pairings of Klaus/Caroline and Matt/Rebekah...

here's the cast list:

Christine Daae - Elena Saltzman

Erik – Damon

Viscount Raoul de Chagny – Stefan Salvatore

Madame Giry – Sheila Bennett

Meg Giry – Bonnie Bennett

La Carlotta Guidicelli – Rebekah Guidicelli

Monsieur Reyer - Tyler Lockwood

Monsieur Lefevre - Mikael Lefevre

Richard Firmin - Elijah Lefevre

Gilles Andre - Kol Lefevre

Gustave Daae – Alaric Saltzman

Count Phillipe de Chagny – Niklaus Salvatore

La Sorelli - Caroline Sorelli

Ubaldo Piangi - Matthew (Matt) Piangi

anyone interested? ^_^
 iceprincess7492 posted hace más de un año
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clairmxxx said:
sure, i'll give it a try.... link please?
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posted hace más de un año 
link- thanks!!
iceprincess7492 posted hace más de un año
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