A Strange Way to Fall in amor Chapter Seven
Lola's POV
"Hey guys, that Lola girl is back and she has someone with her," the smallest of the guys yelled, "who is he, Lola?"
"I thought he was friend," I dicho as I busted out crying, "I thought I could run to him but he wants to help tu all!"
"I want to help," Kyle dicho oddly.
"Here, I will take the girlie while Ace here shows tu around," the small guy said.
"Kyle," I cried as I tried to get away from him.
"Shut up," Kyle dicho as lightly hit me across the face.
I went with it and fell to the ground. I could hear stunned silence from all the men in the building. I sat there on the floor fake sobbing.
"I thought tu were my friend," I mumbled.
The small guy came over to me and picked me up por my hands which were behind my back.
"Stop that hurts," I pleaded.
"Gentle," Kyle demanded, "she will not be much help if tu hurt her!"
Wow, Kyle was really stepping up. I thought he would chicken out. But he was actually doing a really good job.
"Hey Tim," someone yelled to the short guy, "bring her back out! We have a lot más packaging to do!"
"Okay boss," Tim dicho as he picked me back up.
Time carried me to the front of the building. He dropped me to the ground. I made a loud thud. It kind of hurt too!
"She is so fat that she make a thud when she hits the floor," Ace said.
"Why does she look so familiar," the biggest guy asked as he came over to me.
"You should not remember me but tu should remember the screams my parents made when tu killed them," I dicho as I swallowed hard.
"What," he asked confused.
"Let me dumb it down for you," I stated, "you killed my parents and they screamed very loudly!"
"Shut up," he demanded as he bent down at my eye level and grabbed my face, "I remember that día now! Me and these guys here came to your house because your stupid daddy owed us a lot of money!"
"Yeah he did," Ace added.
"Shut up Ace! Anyways, we looked for tu all over the house; but we figured tu were some place else," the guy dicho as I held back tears, "I remember holding that gun to your mother's head asking for that money but your dad dicho he never had all of it! So I shot your mother straight through the head!"
"Shut up," I screamed, "shut up, shut up, shut up!"
I pulled my hands from behind my back and punched him with my handcuffs on. He quickly let go of my face and grabbed his jaw.
"Well, your mom and dad did not fight this hard," he laughed evilly, "then I shot your dad and he did not die right away! So I shot him again and again till he was dead! But I am sure tu remember the scream better than me!"
"Shut up, I hate you," I screamed, "you killed my parents, tu ruined my life!"
"Well your father ruined my life," the boss shrugged.
"No, my father never ruined anyone's life," I stated as I stood up, "you ruined your own life."
"Be quiet and get to work," he demanded.
"And if I don't," I asked curiously.
"You will be in the grave like your parents," he dicho simply and walked away.
"Killing me will be the biggest problem tu will ever deal with," I dicho smiling.
"Shut up before tu say too much," Kyle whispered to me when he came over to me.
I watched as 'the boss' turned around slowly. "Why do tu say that," he asked curiously.
"Because, then tu would be jail longer for kidnapping and probably the worst murder charges ever," I stated.
"Sure, whatever," he said, "all of tu back to packaging!"
So we all went back to packaging cocaine until the sun went down.
"I am hungry," I dicho as I tried to annoyed them, "when are we eating?"
No one answered. They just say there drinking beer.
"Did tu hear me," I asked slightly louder.
The boss got up and came back with duct tape.
"Okay, I will be quiet," I dicho really fast.
But it was too late he started wrapping the duct tape around my mouth. This was going to hurt when I would need to get this out of my hair.
All the men just started laughing.
"You ducha, ducha de her, boss," Ace laughed loudly.
I looked over at Kyle who was holding a beer. He had only take a couple of sips. I could tell he did not really care to be drinking tonight.
"Why does she keep looking at tu like that," Tim asked with a confused look on his face.
"I have no idea," Kyle shrugged.
"I do," the boss stated, "she is in amor with you!"
I started laughing through the duct tape. Me, in amor with Kyle? Yeah right! That could never work out! Kyle and I are two very different people!!
"No, she is weird and crazy girl," Kyle said, "and so not my type!"
"Yeah, besides, she is probably too young for you, boy," the boss said.
"Actually, I am a año old than her," Kyle shrugged.
"I can see that," Tim said.
"How old are tu two," Ace asked, "she has to he at least 14!"
"That would make me 15. Are tu crazy?" Kyle asked stunned, "I am 16. She is 15!"
"I will be 16, soon," I tried to say through the duct tape.
"Shut up," the boss dicho as he tipped my chair over. My hands were behind my back so there was no was of catching my fall. I was unlucky, my head hit the concrete floor first. It hurt really bad. This time I wanted to really cry. Cry for real. Some one the guys were laughing at me and some were just sat there like they did not care.
Kyle, oh Kyle, he was making me mad. I know he was pretending but he need shot me 'I am sorry this is happening' look. He did not crack a smile o mostrar any emotion. I was ready for this night to be over with!
I tried to sit up but the boss just came over and knocked me right back down. Most of them were still laughing.
"You psychotic killer," I screamed through the duct tape.
He bent over me and grabbed my throat, pulling me off the ground. It was like some kind of cue. The building was surrounded. I could hear the cop cars pouring in. The cops were coming at us in every direction. But the boss did not drop me. He stood there frozen. I was trying to wiggle free; trying to air to my lungs. Every cop had a gun pointed at him but yet he did not care. So he pulled a gun out on me, pointing it at my head. I was wiggling as much as possible; I needed air! I could barley see Horatio out of the corner of my eye. These black dots started appearing. And just as I felt everything about to go. I fell to the ground with a thud.