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After hearing about all the attacks on Twilight Haters, I decided to make my own picture. And if you're an obsessive Twi-Hard, please stop the hate.
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This Critical Analysis of Twilight arte de los fans might contain animado, cómic, manga, historieta, anime, and dibujos animados.

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This is under 'opinion' so please don't send any hate, it's just a though I had.

I have read various explainations both on this site and others about things antis point out as plot holes. (Ex: Renessme, Imprinting, Vampire Transformation, ect.) And I think that it's great that some people do think it through and don't just take it because it is what was written. What I don't understand is why tu should have too.

In my mind, when an autor creates a story with a new o different breed of creature they should explain it atleast to some degree.

I'm not saying she needs to explain every little thing,...
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There are some core things about the mythical creatures I wish Meyer would have dado an actual explaination for:


1. Turning into bats

She could have explained it as bats are attracted to vampires, but she choose not to adress it at all.

2. Sleeping in a coffin

How about that having something to do with them faking their own death o something?

3. Lack of Fangs

An evolution over time to adapt.

4. Sunlight

Related to the fact vampiros are considered to be connected to the devil.


1. Full-Moon

They meet at the full-moon.

2. Their Anger Issues (yes, I know that some of the lobos have this)

It could have been explained as a reaction to the moons phases.

3. Pack- Mind

Evolved trait o even a gift from the spirits.
I publicado this a couple other spots, but I would really like to know anti-twilight/neutral fans opinions. I sort of ranted on the subject, but I think my intent is pretty clear. I'd amor to read comentarios if tu have any, o tu can just skip this articulo :)

This is sort of an informal rant/observation.

We all know that New Moon is about tragedy and the loss of amor and the aftermath. Edward left Bella. But why did he leave her?

Since New Moon is being adapted into a feature length film, I've been seeing alot of preguntas and accusations reguarding Edward's absense.

- Jacob's better...
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It's called "Daughter of Darkness" por V.C. Andrews.

This book was just aweful. It's about a 17 año old vampire girl named Lorelie Patio (Mary Sue alert!) whos only purpose in life is to be her Daddy's sex slave. This book is filled with shallow evaluations of beauty, anti feminism, poor morals, and disgusting turn of events.

Lorelie has three sisters who are manipulated and emotionally abused por their father. The worst thing about it is that it's never seen as a bad thing. It's disguised as fatherly love. None of the characters recognize the manipulation o abuse. tu have to read between the...
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